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NBA Trade Deadline Analysis

Posted By Warren Shaw On Mar 16 2012 @ 8:34 am In NBA | No Comments

The NBA trade deadline came and went in the same anti-climatic fashion that it always does except if your an Orlando or Portland fan,

Moves were made but it always amazes me how much is rumored to happen that never materializes.  Then there are the sneak trades that nobody sees coming. Inevitably things come up and when GM’s see a way to improve, save a dollar, or gather picks they will usually act on that opportunity if seen as beneficial.

There are always some winners, losers, and teams in between after the deadline. Here is what went down and our analysis:

Bucks and Warriors trade:

Warriors get:
• C Andrew Bogut [1]
• G/F Stephen Jackson [2]

Bucks get:
• G Monta Ellis [3]
• C Kwame Brown [4]
• C Ekpe Udoh [5]

The Warriors would later ship Jackson to the Spurs but they acquire the big man they have been searching for. Bogut is not likely to play the remainder of the season but is ever improving and just needs to find a way to stay healthy.  GSW is also allowing rookie Klay Thompson to get extended run the rest of the way as a result of the trade.

The Bucks get rid of Jackson most importantly for them but add Ellis with Brandon Jennings to form one exciting and trigger happy backcourt.  Udoh should get rotational minutes spelling Gooden and Illyasova at power forward and center while Brown is an expiring contract. How Scott Skiles handles this should be interesting to see as the Bucks will have to run to utilize the strength of their guards.

3 Team trade: Wizards, Clippers, and Nuggets:

Wizards get:
• F/C Nene [6]
• F Brian Cook [7]
• Future second-round pick

Clippers get:
• G Nick Young [8]

Nuggets get:
• C JaVale McGee [9]
• F/C Ronny Turiaf [10]

The Wizards get a shake up to their failing roster and put an end to the antics of the JaVale McGee era. Nene is quite expensive as he is in the first year of a five-year, $67 million contract. That should show how bad they wanted to get rid of McGee. Nene should provide some veteran stability to a team that has been very immature this season.

The Clippers may have made out like bandits with the addition of Young. He too is on a one year deal and should fill in very nicely for the loss of Billups (Randy Foye just was not cutting it). They get a “reliable” scoring threat at the two and can part ways over the summer if it doesn’t work out. Nice.

The Nuggets get…well they get a bone headed but talented McGee who is in the last year of his deal. Not sure how coach George Karl is going to deal with him but he McGee has upside. They also get Ronny Turiaf who is a lot like their draft pick Kenneth Faried, just the senior edition.
Rockets and Lakers:

Rockets get:
• G Derek Fisher [11]
• 2012 first-round pick

Lakers get:
• F/C Jordan Hill [12]

The Rockets may have made a shrewd move in the acquisition of Fisher assuming he will not be bought out or retire. The veteran guard can certainly help Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic deal with the playoffs should the Rockets sneak in.

The Lakers get some cap relief with the loss of Fisher but lose part of their heart and soul. I am anxious to see what Kobe has to say about the loss of Fisher. Meanwhile Hill gets an opportunity to get better simply by practicing against two of the best big men in the league in Bynum and Gasol.

Spurs and Warriors:

Spurs get:
• F/G Stephen Jackson [13]

Warriors get:
• F Richard Jefferson [14]
• Conditional first-round pick

San Antonio reunites with Captain Jack who gets traded to a former team for the 2nd time in 3 days. Manu Ginobili has been battling injuries all season so adding Jackson makes sense for depth as well. Tim Duncan has called Jackson one of the best teammates he has ever had so this should be a happy reunion. Good move for the Spurs. (For more Spurs analysis check out Chelsea Curto’s blog) [15]

Golden State should give RJ a chance to start at small forward and provide a more veteran presence in the locker room. He is a lot less challenging than Jackson would have been.

Rockets and Blazers:

Rockets get:
• C Marcus Camby [16]

Blazers get:
• C Hasheem Thabeet [17]
• G Jonny Flynn [18]
• 2012 second-round draft pick

If the Rockets can keep Camby their defense improves dramatically especially if they decide to go big combining Camby with Dalembert on the court. This seems like a move for the playoffs.

Portland is in full rebuild mold and this was just one of 4 transactions on the day. Neither Thabeet or Flynn figure to be large factors going forward.

Lakers and Cavaliers:

Lakers get:
• G Ramon Sessions [19]
• F Christian Eyenga [20]
• Rights to swap Heat’s 2013 first-round draft pick

Cavaliers get:
F Luke Walton [21]
F Jason Kapono [22]
• 2012 first-round pick (lottery-protected)

The Lakers finally get their point guard and Sessions is a good one. Ridding themselves of Walton and his contract was a superb bonus.

The Cavs are happy to get a first round pick in a “deep draft” but I feel they could have gotten a higher one than the one the Lakers will fork over. (For more Cavs analysis check out Eric Kastner’s blog) [23]

Nets and Blazers:

Nets get:
• F Gerald Wallace [24]

Blazers get:
• F/C Mehmet Okur [25]
• F Shawne Williams [26]
• Protected first-round pick

Wallace is the Nets consolation prize after Dwight Howard opted in to his contract in Orlando [27]. “Crash” should fit well with Deron Williams but the Nets have to be disappointed with the results in Disney World. (For more Nets analysis check out Mark Cook’s blog from earlier. [28])

Portland continues its early spring cleaning but get a pick which is only top 3 protected from New Jersey. So basically the pick is theirs barring something unforeseen in the lottery. Okur could start when he returns from injury and Williams is likely to be bought out.

Pacers and Raptors:

Pacers get:
• G Leandro Barbosa [29]

Raptors get:
• Second-round draft pick

The Pacers add even more depth with Barbosa but how the heezy will all of those guys get minutes? (Hill, Collison, George, Jones, Price)

The Raptors do the opposite of the Pacers and clear up their backcourt some. Jerryd Bayless should get more minutes with the departure of Barbosa.

Sixers and Grizzlies:

Sixers get:
• G Sam Young [30]

Grizzlies get:
• Future considerations
• Rights to Ricky Sanchez

Philly gets a versatile swing man in Young who can defend and he has one of the best pump fakes in the league. This move is about depth for potential match ups against the Bulls, Heat, or Pacers in the playoffs.

Memphis gets the rights to Ricky Sanchez [31], I have no idea who that is either but maybe I will soon.

What didn’t happen:

Jamal Crawford, Ray Allen, Josh Smith, and Andray Blatche are some of the more surprising names that did not change addresses at the deadline. The Celtics, Bulls, Heat, Mavericks, and Hawks sort of surprised people with their inactivity but that just goes to show there is not always a deal to be made.

While that concludes the trade season in the NBA, buyout season is still open for business. Players need to be bought out or waived by March 23 in order to be  eligible for this year’s playoffs.

(Special thanks to NBA.Com for the trade details submitted to the league office)

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