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Every Team Needs Inge…According to Fans on Twitter

Posted By Jeremy Klumpp On Apr 27 2012 @ 1:24 pm In Detroit Tigers | 1 Comment

Yesterday the Detroit Tigers released veteran third baseman/catcher/second baseman Brandon Inge, ending one of the biggest debates among Tigers fans this season. Inge was in his twelfth season with the Tigers, was batting .100 with one home run, and made several errors during his experimental time at second base. Soon after his release fans starting campaigning their favorite teams to pick up Inge via Twitter.

Here is a rundown of some of my favorite Inge tweets:

Arizona Diamondbacks: [1]This guy might be alone.

Atlanta Braves: [2]Brandon Inge will be 35 next month. Chipper Jones just turned 40. Jones is batting .278 with 3 home runs.

Baltimore Orioles
: [3]The Orioles current third baseman is Mark Reynolds. He is batting .164 with 25 strikeouts this season. The Orioles also have Wilson Betemit on their roster.

Boston Red Sox: [4]

Chicago Cubs: [5]This guy must be a plant. He is clearly wearing a New Jersey Devils jersey.

Chicago White Sox: [6] Brent Morel is having a rough year at the plate, but he’s only 25. Also, I am not sure there is room for another overpaid strikeout machine on the White Sox.

Cincinnati Reds: [7]

Cleveland Indians: [8]This is the sanest argument for signing Inge. He has bats.

Colorado Rockies: [9]I wonder how far Inge could hit a golf ball in Denver?

Houston Astros: [10]Doesn’t Carlos Lee still play for Houston?

Kansas City Royals: [11]This is another solid reason.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: [12]It is nice to see that stories of Inge’s athleticism have made it to the west coast.

Los Angeles Dodgers: [13]There were a lot of unkind words for Juan Uribe in Dodger fans tweets. It has been a few years since Inge hit 15 home runs.

Miami Marlins: [14]Positions mentioned as possible locations for Inge: third base, closer, second base and catcher. No one mentioned outfield.

Milwaukee Brewers: [15]What is Jack Shit hitting this season?

Minnesota Twins: [16]Is it weird that women in Minnesota dream about Inge?

New York Mets: [17]Annnd this is why Mets fans are terrible. Wright is batting .362, but this guy would rather have Inge.

New York Yankees: [18]I think Yankees fans just want to see large, terrible contracts on the Yankees payroll.

Oakland A’s
: [19]This guy has not read Moneyball, or watched the movie.

Philadelphia Phillies: [20]

Pittsburgh Pirates: [21]“I used to be a catcher.” – Brandon Inge

San Diego Padres: Fans in San Diego know something. No one asked the Padres to sign Inge.

San Francisco Giants: [22]

Seattle Mariners: [23]

St. Louis Cardinals: [24]

Tampa Bay Rays: [25]This is not a terrible idea either. At least he thought it through.

Texas Rangers: [26]

Toronto Blue Jays: [27]

Washington Nationals: [28]Someone has Jayson Werth on the mind.

I have a feeling that Inge will sign with another club. There was some interest from the Phillies during the off-season, but those might have just been rumors. While Padres fans apparently do not want to voice their opinion on Inge, fans of the Phillies and Twins were the most vocal. And some like Blue Jays fans just re-tweeted the tweet I posted here. They’re far too nice in Canada.

If Inge does not sign could make the move to the NBA.

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