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Crisis Masked By Movement

Posted By Chris Mosca On May 10 2012 @ 12:11 pm In Golden State Warriors,NBA | No Comments

Trapeze dancers, tight rope walkers, your bowels, and Mel Gibson. What do they have in common? They all thrive on a degree of physical and/or mental control. Do you know someone that exhibits a persona of control [1], but when they lose control [2], it’s heartbreaking, pathetic, and unfathomable how they could dip so low?

The Warriors part owner, Joe Lacob, is accustomed to having control, but when he lost the crowd [3] during Chris Mullin’s ceremony this year, it was unbearable to watch. His attempt to take the crowd back had no rhyme or reason to it. His pride took a hit and he reminded me of a meathead [4] that tried to pick a fight with me in an empty college bar. Consistent with the meathead, Lacob was unwilling to accept being ignored and kept coming back for more.

The Warriors have lost control of their identity. Until next season, their franchise has the look of a three sided coin in flight. Will they improve, worsen, or stay the same? They can’t hang their hat on upsetting the Mavericks in 2007 anymore.

Since Mark Jackson rode his one-car train into town, it’s obvious that the Warriors wanted to create a traditional roster and some trades went down. Stressing the importance of a balanced roster, they made some tough decisions [5]for the perceived betterment of the team. They traded away crowd pleaser Monta Ellis for oft-injured Andrew Bogut and ditched developing the promising forward, Ekpe Udoh, because he didn’t fit the scheme. I like Bogut, when he’s not injured.

They also made a head scratching decision that sent Captain Jack’s large contract to the Spurs for an even bigger contract in Richard Jefferson. They got a first round pick in return, which I guess can be justified after trading away an improving Udoh. The downside is that they have one more year of limited freedom during free agency and have put their stock into having a successful draft, which is never a guarantee (please see Hasheem Thabeet, Michael Olowokandi, and Kwame Brown). The risk may be worth it to them after some of Captain Jack’s antics [6] spoiled the morale for the Warriors in 2009 during his first campaign with them.

It was pretty obvious during some games this season that something had to be done. David Lee is a subpar defender and Curry and Ellis’s lack of size would always be the Achilles heel or scapegoat (depends on how you want to look at it) come playoff time. That’s IF they make the playoffs. The Warriors started playing for ping pong balls in the last 5-6 games of the season. Can it be more obvious than starting 3 rookies?

So what did we learn from the Warriors this year? Stephen Curry needs a bionic ankle implant, Dorell Wright’s 2010-2011 campaign was a fluke, Klay Thompson is starting caliber guard, David Lee and his contract aren’t going anywhere, Charles Jenkins can get to the tin, and Mark Jackson has friends in high [7] and low [8]places.

They need to find a balance between donuts and broccoli.  Once they find the right balance, the perceived sense of control will return, cofidence will rise, and they’ll end up with a record that they can hang their hat on.

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