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Who Betta than Brady?

Posted By Adam Sharp On Jun 26 2012 @ 2:44 pm In New England Patriots | 4 Comments

I just got back from a wonderful trip to a small island in New Hampshire. It is called Star Island. It is old and rustic. And has no Wifi. Luckily, it is the Patriots off season, but there is a question that has been plaguing me my entire trip. Is Tom Brady the best superstar for the Pats?

In this newly discovered pass happy league “top dog” quarterbacks seem to spring up every half a season. There is Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Payton Manning, Eli Manning, Roethlisberger, Vick, Cutler, Newton, Rivers, Flacco, Romo, and anyone else who acquires hype after a few three hundred yard, one touchdown, no pick games. It is nearly impossible to try and rate these QB’s. So, is there any player in the NFL that the Pats would trade Brady for? Or does he have no equal?

People in Indy would say Peyton and people in NY would say Eli, but there are others in the NFL world that would be a very intriguing opportunity for Belichick. And those names do not end in Manning.

Matthew Stafford would be a very interesting piece that would line up nicely. He has a strong arm, great awareness, and seems to be the first good Lion’s QB draft pick in decades. Even though he has been injured (often), he can make all the throws Brady can and he has less miles. I think, if the opportunity arose, it would be a smart Pats trade. I’m saying Brady for Stafford straight up.

Now we look at the man behind the QB, a running back. Primarily, Chris Johnson. He has vowed to be the leading rusher this year and he could bring some balance to the Pats. A balance that we have not seen in years. Belichick claims that he can plug any player in anywhere, but that has not seemed the case with the half back. This would be a trade that could change the face of the Pats organization. They could out smart everyone else by staying away from the air and trying the ground game. But, if the trade did happen, I think Hassleback and a first rounder would have to join.

Now let’s go to the other side of the ball. Demarcus Ware can hit someone in the mouth and take away anyone’s thoughts of the Pats having a soft defense. He consistently has unbelievable seasons and, as long as he stays healthy, he will soon have a record breaking season. He can show the new guys how it is done and take the work load off them in their rookie seasons. If Belichick really is an offensive genius than this could be great. The defense will be set and Belichick can go to work on the Pats new offense. Dallas would have to give up much more than the Lions or Titans. Maybe two first and second round draft picks. But, eventually, the Pats will make it to the show with their defense like in the beginning.

Finally, to the man catching the ball. I would like to say Megatron, but I think that Andre Johnson fits smack dab in the middle of the Pats offense. He has pure muscle and can plow people down to gain the extra yards. He, with Welker, will cause impossible problems in the middle. They are both very fast and Johnson is stronger than most defensive backs. Not to mention he can grab the deep ball. If, say, Yates was throwing to that duo, they would still taste the hotdogs at the Super Bowl stadium. He proved it last season with the Texans. I say Johnson, Yates, and a first and second rounder.

I want Brady to retire a Patriot, but, after the Manning trade, nothing seems impossible. All I know is luck better beat Denver this year and whoever replaces Brady better do the same. This includes the QB and anyone involved in the hypothetical trade. These things are not wanted, but they are situations that could lead the team on a new, but still winning, path.

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