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Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks

Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks

Many owners going into drafts can forget that in most standard fantasy leagues you have 1 roster spot for QBs each week to start. Thus making QBs the most valuable position in most leagues and tend to score the most points. Though we can chase a top RB, a great QB can make up for a lack of depth or production from a RB or WR in many circumstances, so knowing you QBs and drafting accordingly is essential when trying to win your league.

1. Aaron Rodgers – With 45 TDs (plus 3 rushing TDs), Rodgers cemented himself as an elite fantasy quarterback last season and should remain the number 1 fantasy QB taken this year. He runs a high powered, pass first offense in Green Bay and has averaged 4 rushing touchdowns since being the starting QB for the Packers. There really isn’t much to not like about last year’s league MVP.

The Good – He is the total package at the position and is in the prime of his career.
The Bad – It can be hard to duplicate and/or build off of career highs. Though, I wouldn’t put much stake in that idea when it comes to Rodgers.

2. Tom Brady – Last season, Brady broke Dan Marino’s record for yards in a season, albeit after Drew Brees had shattered it. He also helped establish Rob Gronkowski as a major receiving threat. With the addition of Brandon Lloyd, Brady now has a more reliable deep threat to compliment the Pats devastating short passing game.

The Good – The Patriots do not have an established core of running backs. Look for New England to continue as a pass heavy offense, with Brady at the helm.
The Bad – Consequently, teams will load up against the pass until a run game is clearly established.

3. Drew Brees – After coming close once before, Brees broke Dan Mario’s record for yards in a season. That’s two 5,000 yard seasons. He is a top flight fantasy QB, and though expectations should be tempered when looking at last season’s numbers, Brees is well worth an early round pick.

The Good – Brees has not thrown for less than 4,000 yards since arriving in New Orleans.
The Bad – All the off the field issues with bounties will affect the entire team throughout the season.

4. Matthew Stafford – After 2 seasons mired with injury troubles, Stafford put up the type of season Detroit envisioned when they drafted him, breaking 5,000 yards passing in his first full year as a starter. He also showed that even though he will rely heavily on Calvin Johnson, arguably the best WR in the NFL, he would willingly spread the ball around. Expectations should be lowered slightly for this season, but not by much.

The Good – He’s only 24 and the Lions will continue to let him air out the ball this season.
The Bad – The Lions run game suffered a slew of injuries last season, and a healthy core could affect Stafford’s number of pass attempts.

5. Cam Newton
– Cam exploded from the start of the season to the surprise of many last year. He set a rookie record for passing in a season (4,051), most rushing yards for a rookie QB (704), and most rushing TDs for QB (14). While owners can expect the numbers to shift slightly up or down in some areas, Newton’s value should hold steady this season as a top 5 QB.

The Good – As a duel threat it will be hard for defenses to shut Newton completely out of a game.
The Bad – Defenses will have a year of tape and showed an ability to slow Newton down towards the end of the season.

6. Eli Manning – After 3 consecutive seasons of passing for 4,000 yards, Manning has established himself as a legit top 10 fantasy QB. With the emergence of Victor Cruz to compliment Hakeem Nicks, the Giants have a powerful receiving core which should help Manning continue to hold solid value in fantasy.

The Good – He has averaged 29 TDs over the past 3 seasons and should be a lock to at least match that this season.
The Bad – He is no stranger to throwing interceptions and there is lack of proven depth in the receiving core behind an oft injured Hakeem Nicks could be an issue.

7. Tony Romo – Romo will be a solid pick at the position in fantasy leagues, but offers sporadic production throughout the season which can be maddening for a fantasy owner. The loss of Laurent Robinson will hurt, but hopefully a predicted breakout season from Dez Bryant will balance the numbers. He is a top 10 talent, but owners should not reach too far to grab him this year.

The Good – The emergence of DeMarco Murray should have a very positive effect on the Cowboys passing game that has lacked a true presence in the running game since Romo has been the starter.
The Bad – Romo tends to start strong then curtails late in the season, only eclipsing 300+ passing yards once after week 6.

8. Michael Vick – After a rough 2011, Vick still remains a top fantasy QB. With weapons like Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, and DeSean Jackson at his disposal he should be able to improve on last season’s stats. His problem last season seemed to be a regression back to a run first mentality that exposed him to too many hard hits and subsequently cost him games. If anyone can rein him in though, it will be Andy Reid.

The Good – Vick is still capable of putting up 2010 like numbers.
The Bad – His rushing numbers dwindled from 9 in 2010 to 1 last season, and could be difficult to recapture with LeSean McCoy emerging as an elite player.

9. Matt Ryan – The Falcons wanted to establish themselves a strong aerial attack and went and drafted Julio Jones, and Ryan’s numbers improved. The Falcon will look to keep the pedal down as they shy away from the power run game of Michael Turner and put the ball in Ryan’s hands. As long as Jones can stay healthy opposite of Roddy White, Ryan will have a strong receiving core to work with and a lot of upside.

The Good – With 2 Pro Bowl caliber WRs and a Hall of Fame TE, there is a lot of potential for big numbers from Ryan this season.
The Bad – He has yet to show any real consistency in putting up big numbers on a weekly basis.

10. Peyton Manning – Even though he missed all of last season and will be debuting for another team this season, Manning should remain a top 10 QB in fantasy until he shows us that he isn’t. There is also a ton of talent in Denver that could not be properly utilized last season, but Manning should be able to elevate. Manning will also benefit from a stronger running game and defense, something he lacked in Indianapolis over the past few seasons.

The Good – He’s still Peyton Manning.
The Bad – He’s still coming off of a neck injury that kept him out all of last season.

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My name is David Willow. Your NFL and Fantasy Jedi. I have lived in Dallas, TX most of my life. I have been following both football and basketball since I was a child. I love being able to research and analyze different players and teams. I've been a fantasy sports enthusiast for around 8 years with some titles to back that. I have a Bachelors degree in History with a minor in English. Other hobbies include me being part of an acting workshop for five years, playing guitar, and working out. Hit me up with any comments, questions or opinions.

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In response to “Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks”

  1. Michael Tavallaei Jul 27 20128:36 pm


    i agree.

  2. bryansutton Jul 31 20122:22 am


    It’s a good post.

    1. David Willow Jul 31 201211:01 am


      Thanks for reading

  3. Drew Madden Jul 31 20123:03 pm


    I think Peyton has to be higher by the end of this year but i like that top 10 right there. For fantasy purposes, i’d also say watch out for Carson and RG3 making noise this year to get into top 10 consideration. Carson feeling and looking good with a solid recieving corp and backfield and RG3 has some nice weapons as well especially TE Fred Davis. I could see RG3 exploding on the scene some what Cam Newton-esqe but not quite the same level. What do you think?

    1. David Willow Jul 31 20125:23 pm


      I agree. I think Peyton’s value is low due to uncertainty involving his ability to go deep. I think we’ll have a clearer picture by the end of preseason, but Peyton could be a sneaky good pick in the early mid-rounds he’s projected in. I wouldn’t sleep on him coming into the season with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.

      Palmer could build on last season I think, but should be no more than a QB2 right now, but a healthy McFadden will definitely open up the passing game in Oakland.

      RG3 looks like bonafide star in the making, but expectations should be tempered some, as rookie seasons like Cam Newtons are rare. I think you are right that he will lean on Fred Davis this season and he has already developed some rapport with Pierre Garcon, but may struggle with accuracy when he is forced to roll to the left which has been a hiccup in passing game. While RG3 will likely have some outstanding runs, he projects to be more of a pocket passer than Cam though the similarities are definitely there. He should be a solid QB2 though with a lot of upside on a talented young Redskins offense.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Steve Massey Aug 1 20127:32 pm


    Dave, great writing in this post. I agree with your top five right down to the brass tacks. It is difficult for me, however, to see the second five without Phillip Rivers. I’m wondering where you would rate him? Good insight, I’ll be sure to read more of your posts.

    1. Warren Shaw Aug 2 201212:13 am


      I too have to wonder where Rivers should be but the top 10 is pretty solid. Maybe Rivers and Peyton tied for 10 but that would be cheating huh? LOL Good post as always.

      Also very interested to see how Newton responds and if owners are going to jump at him in drafts.

      1. David Willow Aug 2 201211:57 am


        Thanks Warren, I currently have River at #11 for the reasons in my comments responding to Steve’s question about Rivers. I agree Manning and Rivers could be a 10A and 10 B situation for any early drafts, as both have questions to be answered before we put out faith in them to lead our fantasy teams at the QB position.

        I am very interested to see how Cam as well, and how he responds to defenses game planning against him now with full year of tape on him. It’s interesting to note that he only played one whole season at Auburn when they won the National Championship and has had one great year in the NFL. He was able to surprise a lot of people in both situations, but it is concerning how his passing numbers dropped during the season. After week 4 he never topped 300+ passing yards, though he made up for it on the ground in most intances. I think he is a capable passer though, and will continue to build on last year’s performance.

        Thanks for the comment

    2. David Willow Aug 2 201211:42 am


      Thanks a lot Steve. I would rate Rivers just out of the top 10 at #11 with a chance to move up in the rankings with a strong showing in preseason. This is mostly due to a bad season last year where he threw 20 INTs, and the fact that many of his interceptions were bad throws that hung in the air too long or lost velocity. Without any reports of an injury to atribute this to there is cause for concern, as are reports that the Chargers will try to lean more on their run game, if Ryan Mathews can sustain it. I’d also like to see how quick he’s developed rapport with Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal. Much like with Peyton Manning, I think the preseason will alter some draft boards.

      Thanks for the comment

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