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Penn State Receives Death Penalty 2.0

Posted By Bradley McElroy On Jul 28 2012 @ 5:03 pm In Penn State | No Comments

$60 million fine, wins taken away from the last 13 years (1998-2011), postseason bowl ban for four-years, five-year probation and 40 scholarships taken away for the next four-years. The worst sanction given out since 1987 when SMU was given the death penalty. The death penalty is the NCAA’s  power to ban a school from competing in a sport for at least one year. It is the harshest penalty that an NCAA member school can receive, or so we thought. Mark Emmert NCAA President held a press conference this Monday morning to announce the sanctions imposed on Penn State University. Now lets look at the imposed sanctions:

  • $60 million fine. This will be paid over the next 5 years, $12 million every year.  This is actually a low fine, I believe it should have been much higher, more in the $100 to $200 million. Why so much you ask? Well for starters they have the money trust me plenty of it too. In 2010 Forbes Magazine did a study and found out that Penn State had the third most value in all of college football, behind Notre Dame and Texas. The value of the program was around $100 million and they made a profit of $53 million, that was just in one year in 2010 just a few seasons ago. Penn gross around $72 million. Not enough money was taken from the school. The $60 million will fund programs for the detection, prevention, and treatment of child abuse.

  • A four-year ban on postseason play, including the Big Ten championship game, bowls or the playoffs coming in 2014. I agree with the ban I think to many years though. This is a huge loss of income for the program and school who as we saw above depends a lot on the program to make money. A two-year ban should have been given enough to punish but still enough for the new incoming football players to have a chance at a bowl in the future. One thing that upset me today was something Desmond Howard said on ESPN, and before I quote him I want to make one thing clear I feel for the victims I truly do what was done to them is inexcusable and the people who did it need to and will pay. Howard said “Those damn victims didn’t have a choice”, then went on to say “now these football players today who are at Penn State, they have a choice”. He brought up a good point it is true SOME of the players have a choice. He gave two choices, one was if you grew up loving Penn State you can stay and play and the other was, the players who like to play in the postseason have the choice to transfer schools and play right away. Unfortunately he forgot a choice or should I say choices that can not be made, some of these players do no’t have a choice the only way out of the terrible situation that some of them are in, is Penn State why, because that is where their scholarship is. They worked hard in high school got recognized and now must pay the price for some grown man who could not control himself and could be truthful about a situation. Sorry but that is not right in my book the players did nothing to deserve what they have gotten.

  • A reduction in scholarships offered to incoming players from 25 to 15 a year for the next four years. This I disagree with 100% and I will tell you why. First of all did the players commit a crime? No, they sure did not, all they did was agree to attend the school and play for Penn State. Second of all, they knew sanctions were coming but they figured it would be minor since the players them selves did not have any knowledge (that we know of) of what was occurring in the locker room after practice was over. The wrong people are being punished in this case, new student athletes being punished for something they did not do.

  • Vacating all wins from 1998-2011. This which strips Paterno of his title as the winning-est coach in college football history (now Grambling’s Eddie Robinson 409) and Division I (now Bobby Bowden 377). Paterno, drops from 1st to 12th all time (had 409 now has 298) and 5th in FBS. This I agree with Paterno should have those wins taken from him but the players who played those games should not. One of the best things I saw today was from an ex Penn State player named Adam Taliaferro who tweeted this “NCAA says games didn’t exist..I got the metal plate in my neck to prove it did..I almost died playing 4 PSU..punishment or healing?!?”. This kid almost died playing a game for Penn State and now it does not count for him, basically in the record books it never happened, it did though he played for Penn and the records should be taken from Paterno not the players and the school.

Those sanctions were all imposed by the NCAA, it did not stop there though, the Big 10 decided to get some punches in as well. The only thing so far is not being allowed to play for the Big 10 Championship for the next four-years. More is still to come and word is that expulsion form the Big 10 is possible if 9 out the the 12 schools vote for their removal.

What I see happening after the four-years are up and everything gets lifted is this, the same thing outcome from the previous four-years will continue for at least four more years. Let’s see, new recruiting needs to be done and players need to agree to what new Head Coach Bill O’Brien will have to convince recruits that the winning tradition of Penn State will return before the graduate. Over all I do not agree with the NCAA, they should punish a who school, community and fan base because of the actions of men who are no longer involved in the program. Paterno has passed away Sanduski is in a jail and the other are also being prosecuted. The people responsible and long gone and will not be returning anytime soon. Send them to jail fine them till they have nothing left but to punish the school for the actions of others is not correct. When this is all said and done Penn State will be irrelevant for the next decade and hopefully not more. One final thought, I see Penn State rising from the ashes and atop the college football world once again maybe not this year or in five years but within the next decade and a half they will be on top.

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