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MLB Looking Out For The New York Yankees

Posted By James Beck On Aug 3 2012 @ 12:23 am In New York Yankees | No Comments

[1]   As a blogger I have to be fair to all teams. All because I have to be doesn’t mean M LB thinks that way. The New York Yankees are the perfect example. The Yankees have been protected for years from the early 90′s to the present day. From the pitching staff getting all the calls to all other pitching staffs. To a certain pitcher throwing a bat at another player and didn’t get suspended. To a bunch of Yankees admitting to steroids and getting a pass. What is it that M LB continues to give this organization a pass. http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/story?id=100250&page=1#.UBtPvvZlTPw  [2]

Many people say it is because they admitted to using steroids which is why they got off so easy. Are you kidding me, they were caught and that’s why they admitted to it. None of these ball players were going to come clean. Andy Pettitte and Jason Giambi walked away with no suspension clean as a whistle. And there’s Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez and Chuck Knoblauch let’s play connection.

Pitchers- Roger Clemens- 1998 and 2000 with Jose Canseco

Andy Pettitte- Take your pick, Clemens, Knoblauch, Sheffield, A-rod and Giambi

Chuck Knoblauch- Again choose any Yankees steroid case except for A-rod

Jose Canseco- 2000 Yankees

Jason Giambi- Every Yankees player mentioned  even Canseco and McGwire in Oakland.

Okay we all know Alex Rodriguez came later, but there is a tie to each and every one of these guys. All wrong for what they did, yet others get crushed for it and Yankees players get a pass. I need this explained to me, the only answer I ever get is Pettitte is a well liked guy. And that means what it means baseball, the media and Selig himself are morons. You cheat the game you cheat the game. There’s no getting past that which the New York media is trying to.   http://abigail.wrytestuff.com/swa280268.htm [3]

The same media that bashed McGwire, Bonds and Sosa for doing steroids. Okay they did steroids they cheated their not Hall of Famers. Neither is Clemens and Pettitte being nice don’t get you past cheating the game. No matter how bad the New York media wants it to. The debate ends with this, Did Andy Pettitte take steroids? Yes he did! enough said and I don’t believe a cheater when they say that was the first time and it was for health purposes. Not when his off season buddy is Roger Clemens.  http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3156305 [4]

[5]             It’s like A-rod saying that he only did it for a year. And the biggest joke of all this is. Where were the suspensions. Where was the New York media who jumped at the chance to bashed all outsiders. The toughest media in the world, the media capital of the world my well you know. This still stuns me today how the only player the media ever went after was Plaxico Burress. And I have to agree with Frank Fransisco the Yankees are the only team I see cry every at bat but never get a player thrown out.

And yet instead of the media looking into that they make it all about Fransisco. Look as far back as Paul O’Neil very good player but you couldn’t call a strike on him without him crying. The worst part is Nick Swisher is the same way, really Nick Swisher who the heck is he. Mr 210 for the White Sox all of a sudden to becomes a Yankee and he can hit. Ever wonder why that is? try watching the strike zone shrink while the Yankees are up. To end this all I’ll say is M LB is just pathetic and so most importantly is Bud Selig.




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