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Welcome Back to Football: Running Game Diary, HOF Game

Posted By Corey Rioux On Aug 5 2012 @ 11:41 pm In NFL | 2 Comments

Tonight, we walk into a familiar place, a place where football dominates the storylines, and where everyone knows your name (no this isn’t Cheers, nice try). Maybe some of us aren’t as excited as others, but then again, how can you not be excited? This is the NFL. The 2012 season is officially underway, and what better way than a running game diary, but first we have some notable facts to point out (assuming you don’t watch TV).

The Hall of Fame Game took a leave of absence last season, but the Saints and Cardinals are ready to start anew. The new Nike jerseys are on display and New Orleans is playing their first game since the harsh penalties brought on by the league, hoping to look past them. Arizona is in the midst of a QB competition, as well as being a secretly good team that is well under the radar.

Last night’s HOF inductees were enshrined into Canton, and tonight, a new season begins and the record books will be written again. Replacement refs are in order, and considering I’m already late, let’s get this thing going.

As always, all times are Eastern Standard time. Enjoy:

8:07- We are underway, make sure you remember where this season started because you never know where it’s going to end up.

8:10- Did not expect Brees and his offense to come out like this, grabbing 1st downs by the handful.

8:14- Brad Nessler makes his first mistake as he says, “…into the endzone…” as Ingram gets brought down a few yards short. Hopefully Thursdays aren’t like this.

8:16- Ingram scores the first TD of this game, and of the year. New Orleans comes out with a bang, showing the NFL landscape we’re still in this.

8:22- Was just about to talk about Kolb and then, bam! Kolb throws an interception. I would assume that’s not the best way to begin a season, let alone the fact that another QB is waiting for his chance.

8:25- So Brees is done after a successful series, I love the preseason. I’m kidding, completely.

8:28- Does anyone else think Kolb has a bounty on him? Come on, guys, I’m kidding again! What about Skelton? Or Whisenhunt? Okay, maybe I’ll stop.

8:32- This duo of Nessler and Mayock isn’t starting out too well. There’s just no chemistry and no flow. Thursday Night Football is going to struggle in this regard.

8:39- Well, this isn’t good. Kolb is down, everybody. But this isn’t his fault, Arizona has absolutely NO protection. I mean, absolutely nothing. It’s like they don’t even have an offensive line. Bring on John Skelton.

8:43- Just like Nessler and Mayock, these replacement refs are unbearable. Can the NFL go a year without some sort of lock out? Apparently not.

8:48- I’m not going to lie, I’ve been switching between the game and Women’s Beach Volleyball. But can you blame me? Nope, you can’t.

8:49- Just remembered I’m going to be missing out on Breaking Bad and The Newsroom. Don’t worry, I’ll watch them tomorrow. Can’t you see how much I care about my readers? Feel free to send me an email thanking me later.

8:53- I have a feeling I should do more Running Diaries, let me know how you feel about it.

8:55- Did anyone else forget that New Orleans added Spagnuolo? Honestly, I did. It was one those, “you knew about it, but you had to be reminded” things.

9:05- Well, I haven’t really been keeping you updated with the game. I’m taking the blame on this one. However, I’m just enjoying the moment.

9:08- Considering I’ll keep you updated now, we are in a heated preseason battle, tied at 7-7. Preseason games need to have something on the table, whether it’s money (probably can’t do that), or something related to making your football franchise better.

9:15- Nice to know that Brees will be in the Hall someday. Must be a surreal experience for him.

9:26- Football is definitely helping the fact that my house doesn’t have air conditioning for the weekend.  Always sucks when your air conditioner completely breaks.

9:26- And New Orleans scores their second TD of the game. Now on the verge of taking a 10 point lead before the end of the first half.

9:38- Besides the game we are all fortunate to be watching right now, lets not forget about the passing of Garrett Reid, oldest son of Eagles Head Coach, Andy Reid. My condolences to the Eagles community and to the Reid family.

9:41- Hmmmm, how come Dez Bryant isn’t included in the violence against women commercial? He’s a role model, right? Come on, can’t you take a joke!

9:51- In the last two posts I changed direction rather quickly. If I offended anyone, get your own column. This one’s mine.

9:57- Here’s an interesting idea: Is Chase Daniel the next Matt Flynn? Some may say no right away, but it’s something to think about. He shows control in the pocket, as well as in the offense. Except that interception in the endzone…

10:10- Now I’m switching between football and Women’s Gymnastics? Can you blame me, this time? Nope, you can’t. I love the Olympics.

10:19- At least we’re on pace for a quick football game, the preseason is something you gradually take in. Unless it’s the Cleveland Browns, then it’s a different story. Some of those victories are the highlights of our season (not really, but you feel my drift).

10:27- Could be in for a good finish here in Canton. Always amusing when the third stringers put everything on the line.

10:40- You always know the game has taken a backseat when sideline interviews take precedence over the game taking place on the field.

10:41- Whoever this sideline reporter is for NFL Network she is just as awful as Nessler and Mayock in the booth. She’s no Erin Andrews or Andrea Kremer. The games better be battles on Thursday nights.

10:51- You know what would make this more interesting? Fantasy football for the preseason. Can you imagine how fun that draft would be? Third stringers going in the first round while Rodgers and Brees may not even get drafted. Interesting, huh? I’m copyrighting that idea.

10:52- Be back in 15. (Remember how I have no air conditioning at the moment? Getting some much needed water.)

11:07- Lindley is the QB in charge on this final drive to help Arizona tie this one up (yeah, they’re scoring). I’m hoping for some overtime on this first night of football.

11:09- Lindley hits John Skelton’s brother, Steve Skelton, on a pass up the middle to push the Cardinals into the redzone. It’s a Skelton family party! (I had no idea that John’s brother was on this team. The things you learn in preseason.)

11:12- Interception! New Orleans will take the W in this year’s Hall of Fame Game. I guess the last QB on the depth chart just couldn’t get it done. Go figure.

11:18- Arizona will get the ball back, actually, but do they have a chance? Think for yourself. I’d put money on, “No chance in hell.”

11:22- The clock hits triple zero and the New Orleans Saints take home the first victory of this young football season. I would call this a fantastic way to begin the year, and this diary made it more entertaining. I had a great time tonight and I hope you all did, as well. BountyGate? Nah, they’re still the Saints. Arizona struggled a bit, but thankfully they have time to come together as a group before things actually begin to count. (Maybe Kolb won’t be hurt, either.)

The storylines are endless and abundant, but I’m ready for September. Welcome back to football.

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