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Bills Drop First Preseason Game

Posted By Norm Duhamel On Aug 10 2012 @ 8:25 am In Buffalo Bills | No Comments

BORING! That’s the best way to describe the Bills 7-6 loss against the Washington Redskins. This was a penalty riddled affair that saw Buffalo commit 14 penalties for 134 yards. The Bills may have won this game if it wasn’t for an illegal formation penalty negating a 20 yard Stevie Johnson touchdown, but these types of thing will happen in the first game back. If you’re going to have these types of games, have them now please and not when it counts!

What did I take from the first pre-season game ? Nobody got hurt, Mario Williams looked liked a giant beside his teammates and the defense looked good. No sense to press that panic button  just yet, this game was just to shake off that summer rust.

Coach Gailey will look at the game tape, make the adjustments and get the team ready to face the Vikings next Friday. It’s not then end of the world if the Bills don’t do well in the preseason, they had a poor start last year and came out of the gate flying. Let’s just hope this year they continue flying till February!

Game ball goes to kicker John Potter for having 3 touchbacks. Hell of a leg and with Rian Lindell missing a 22 yard field goal and struggling of late, could Potter be our new kicker? What do you think?

Side notes:

  • Play of the game, 26 yard Scott Chandler catch. Watch it here [1]!
  • The Beard has begun growing!
  • Was disappointing to see Pete Metzelaars was not sporting his classic mullet. Maybe he’ll grow it out as the year progresses. Don’t know what I mean? Click here [2]
Week 1 Preseason Highlights [3]



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