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Ubaldo Jimenez gives up 8 runs as the Tribe go down 9-6 to the Angels

Well yesterday I said it would depend on which Ubaldo showed up today as to what type of game we would see, a pitchers battle or a blow out. Today the Ubaldo Jimenez that showed up was the horrible one. Jimenez gave up 4 runs today before recording an out. I will get into it later but again today as has happened too many times this year Cleveland have given up a huge lead in the first innings and then tried to come back from behind. Yesterday Cleveland looked like a team that couldn’t loose the game but today from the first at bat Cleveland looked like a team that were in way over there heads against just a purely better baseball team. I’ll break down how they managed to lose today.


Ubaldo's neck may need ice today after watching so many pitches get belted back over his head

Starting pitching was terrible I think I could have missed more bats than Jimenez today. Today Jimenez didn’t have his stuff and after the season he has had I question if he even has “stuff” any more. 4 innings from a starting pitcher isn’t up to the standard of a Major League pitcher and frankly he is lucky he made it that far. He put the first 5 on base, and yes it was Mr Trout, Hunter and Pujols but he threw Trout and Hunter watermelons and then walked Pujols. Gave up another 2 hit’s before Callaspo finally hit into an out at right field and if it weren’t for Choo’s cannon of an arm that hit would have scored a run too. He then hit Kendrick in the helmet, Kendrick was lucky it hit the peak and knocked his helmet off and didn’t hit him in the face. Aybar grounded to Kotchman at first who made the play home to get Morales out on the force saving the run but couldn’t get the double. Iannetta tacked on the 4th run on a single to centre before Mr Trout grounded to Kotchman to end the inning. I would be surprised how many Tribe fans had already changed channel by then. He then settled for 2 innings and sat down the next 6 in order. Cleveland would score 2 in the 4th to cut the lead to 2 runs before Jimenez had another meltdown on the mound. A lead off home run to Aybar in the 4th should have been the end for Ubaldo if the first inning wasn’t a good enough indication but determined to give the LA fans what that paid to see Ubaldo pushed on walking Iannetta, giving up a hit to Mr Trout. Then the unthinkable happened he struck out Hunter, things look up maybe he is good now. No Pujols belts another pitch down Broadway over the fence and drive in another 3 runs. To his credit he struck out Morales and Trumbo to end the inning but the damage was done. This is a potent offence with guys who can hit and hit deep but if you leave pitches over the centre of the plate your not even making it hard for them. Ubaldo probably didn’t.. Definitely didn’t have his command today but why the hell did Manny Acta leave him out there so long. Lets say Manny Acta makes a change after the Trout hit in the 4th, by this stage of the game he had given up 7 hits 5 runs 2 walks and only struck out one batter. There is enough proof your guy doesn’t have it today why leave him out to face the heart of the line-up. Send in Smith who yes is normally a late inning pitcher but this is a time you need that door slammed shut like he did last night. Now you go into the 5th down by 3 and still feel like you’re a chance, but he doesn’t he leaves Ubaldo out there Pujols belts a 3 run homer and that’s the end of the game for the Tribe.


Chris Seddon was then called in to pitch the 5th and 6th innings and was ok. He gave up 5 hits through his 2 & 1/3 innings of work with 1 walk 2 strikeouts and allowed 1 run.

Frank Herrman took over with 1 out and 2 on in the 7th inning and got Mr Trout to ground into a double play to end the inning. He then went 3 up 3 down in the 8th inning with one strikeout to his name.


Manny Acta left Jimenez out to dry today and should wear some of the blame for the teams loss today

Enough about Ubaldo’s rubbish pitching let’s get to the side of the team that didn’t disappoint today. Cleveland managed to score 6 runs and probably would have been enough to win the match on any other day. Only Asdrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana didn’t get a hit today, which is a good sign for tribe fans they seem to be batting through the line-up better now.

A pitch did hit Carlos Santana in the 4th inning, probably in retaliation to Kendrick almost getting his head taken off in the first inning. Umpire Phil Cuzzie warned Greinke immediately but that was all that happened. Manny Acta seemed quite upset at the Bean Ball from Greinke but it hit Santana on the ass I didn’t really have a problem with it, If Ubaldo misses that badly inside and almost takes a guys head off you have to expect retaliation and also Greinke is trying to fit into a new team he was probably sending a message to his own guys that he has there backs.

Michael Brantley lead the way with the bat with 3 safe hits and a 2 run blast

Anyway the next batter Michael Brantley may have made Greinke regret his decision as the first pitch was crushed over the right field fence. The Tribe would score again in the 7th inning on a groundball single back to the pitcher Zach Greinke by Carrera and then again on a ground out to first by Jason Kipnis making it a 4 – 9 ball game. The Tribe would cut the lead to 3 in the 8th when with 2 out Michael Brantley singled to right field setting up Casey Kotchman to hit a 2 run bomb off of pitcher LaTroy Hawkins to end his day in relief on the bump.


Standouts for the Tribe today with the bat were Michael Brantley who went 3 from 4 attempts with a home run and 2 RBI. Jason Donald did his bit again today at the plate reaching off hits twice today and scoring once. Casey Kotchman went 2 from 4 with a home run and 2 RBI.


Standouts for the Angels today for me was Zach Greinke although it wasn’t his best performance I’m sure he will be glad to get his first win with his new team. Pujols had 2 hits (homerun and a double), a walk and a strikeout.


The take away message from today for me is that Ubaldo Jimenez isn’t reliable as a starting pitcher when he is good he is as good as a starter can be but I would trade that for a guy that can consistently pitch a good game each time out this giving up 4 runs in the first and 5 hits and 3 runs before the first out has to stop. I think its safe to say now that the only chance the Tribe have of playoffs is mathematical so maybe its time to cut Jimenez free or try him in the pen for a while he is just hurting us too much early in games to even give us a chance and bring up a young kid from Triple A and see if they can give consistent innings because even a Triple A team could tee off on Ubaldo’s pitches today. 6 runs should be enough to win a ball game especially on a team that didn’t make any errors and also again made some amazing plays like Hannahan robbing Pujols of an extra base hit in the 2nd inning the score line could have even been worse today. Another thing to take away from today is that Manny Acta needs to be quicker with the hook on his starting pitchers and sometimes I wonder if he is even watching the same team as the rest of us.

Gold Star: Michael Brantley was great at the plate again today as he has been most of the year his 3 hits today saved this score line from being even more of a blowout.

Ticket to the Minors: Ubaldo Jimenez… need I say more he was useless today and really has been most of the season I think he is done.

(formally Fausto Carmona) First start in the Majors this year

Ervin Santana: 5W - 10L; 5.82ERA

Tomorrows rubber match will see the return of Roberto Hernandez (formally known as Fausto Carmona) will be activated for the first time this season. He posted a 4.07 ERA with 20k’s in his 4 rehab starts in the Minor Leagues. He will face off against Ervin Santana with a 5 – 10 record and a 5.82 ERA it should be as good a chance as any to post a win in his first Major League outing this year.

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