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The Best Back Court?

Posted By Michael Smith On Aug 16 2012 @ 6:16 pm In NBA | 14 Comments

Which team in the NBA has the best back court?  The best point guard and shooting guard combo?  I will pick the top five back court teams/combos in the NBA and go into depth about each.



Number 5- The Minnesota Timberwolves Brandon Roy is all smiles with the T-Wolves [1]Ricky Rubio gives the addition of Brandon Roy a thumbs up. [2]


PG- Ricky Rubio

SG- Brandon Roy

With Ricky Rubio going into his second NBA season this year and coming off a ACL tear, I feel he will be better by the start of the season and put up better numbers then he did this past season (10.6 PPG,4.2 RPG, 8.2 APG) although assist and rebounds should stay around the same, I expect him to get to the basket more.  Next Brandon Roy saying his injury is behind him and that he should be playing close to his level he was use to playing at in Portland.  But by putting Rubio with Roy these two will not only make there team better they will make themselves better at there respected position.  Brandon puts up career numbers of (19.0 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 4.7 APG) if Roy can come close to those numbers these two wont be under looked.

Number 4- The Denver Nuggets [3] [4]

PG- Ty Lawson

SG- Andre Iguodala

With Iggy being traded to the Nuggets last week as part of the 4 team trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Lakers.  I feel that with playing a more natural position for him is at shooting guard.  With his height 6ft 6in. is better suited then playing small forward as he did with the Sixers.  Now Ty Lawson will have a better off guard to play along side with.  Don’t get me wrong Arron Affalo is a good player but not an Iggy’s level type of guy.  Also Iggy can defend just as good as any Shooting guard out there.  Ty Lawson should be having a break out season this year.  With his numbers improving each year and only averaging 34 minutes a game.   With more minutes for Lawson this season and the fact that Ty is only improving will have them as the 4th best back court in the league.

Number 3- The Milwaukee Bucks [5]

PG- Brandon Jennings

SG- Monta Ellis

With Monta joining the Bucks and Jennings closing in on starter minutes this combo can be deadly.  While Jennings averages 19.1 PPG he can score at will with having seven 30 plus point games last season and having had 9 games of 24 to 29 PPG, oh and lets not forget he scored a whopping 55 in 2009 We know Brandon can score.  But Monta Ellis is in a category of its own he is a top five shooting guard maybe even top 3 behind Kobe,Wade,?.  I do feel Monta in today’s NBA is still one of the most under rated players in the league, especially at his position.  Ellis had twelve 30 plus point games last season and a season high of 48 Vs. the Thunder.  Yes he can be turn over prone at times and under achieve on the defensive end, but he sill does a lot of other things that should be noticed more.  He can score, rebound, dish the ball, plays well with team mates and plays hard every night, besides he is a veteran and a good leader.  Not to mention other things as well.  But when you put two scoring guards together in Jennings and in Ellis you have one of the most lethal combinations in this league.

Number 2- The Los Angles Lakers [6]

PG- Steve Nash

SG- Kobe Bryant

Not only will these two be special this year this team will be very VERY good with the addition of Dwight Howard and the the keeping of Pau Gasol.  One thing is for certain Kobe never had a point guard of Steve Nash’s caliber and play making.  It just might give Kobe that extra advantage he needs.  But the reason why I did not put this duo first is because this is an 82 game season and by the time playoffs roll around Bryant will be 34 and Nash 39.  That’s a lot of miles for a 39 year old to go into the playoffs with. Tired legs and other things aching your body and sorry Steve but you do not have the Phoenix training staff (no dis-respect to LA training staff but I think we can all agree Phoenix has the best training staff in the league).  Between the two they have two to three good years left in them, let alone they both might retire in that same time frame as well.  The age is the only reason I did not put them into the number one spot other then that there are great pair.

Number One-  The Brooklyn Nets [7]

PG- Deron Williams

SG- Joe Johnson

Now I know most of you are saying i’m a Nets fan and picked them because the Nets are my team, No.  I would of picked the Number two team if it was not for their age.  Let me explain.  With Deron being 28 a full ten years younger then Nash, Deron is already a top 3 point guard in the league.  Yes, Nash was better in his career at one point and was probably the best point guard one point as well.  But he no longer has room to improve, and is on the decline as well.  I’m not saying Nash does not have “it” still, he is a dazzling point guard and puts up numbers.  But the fact he will be out of league before Deron is is why I pick Deron as the better Point guard, because he still has room to grow.  Now I’m not going to sit here and say Johnson is better then Bryant because he is not.  But Joe Johnson is playing with a top 3 point guard in Williams, but the same can be said about the Lakers combo, Nash is playing with the best shooting guard in Bryant.  But to me picking the Best back court comes down to the age Johnson,31 and Williams,28  is younger and can play at good level for more years then Bryant and Nash.  While Kobe and Nash will more likely be retired within the next three years.  Deron and Johnson will most likely still be playing together and for that they grab the number one spot as the best back court in the NBA.

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