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Angels pitching continues to stink up baseball

Posted By Bill Mahoney On Aug 20 2012 @ 1:55 am In LA Angels Of Anaheim | No Comments

Is it time for Mike Butcher to refresh his resume? After this weekends debacle that saw his pitchers give 46 hits and 37 earned runs, it appears his pitchers have quit on him. Maybe they’ve quit on Scioscia, I don’t know, but it sure looks like they quit on someone.



On a positive note, at least the Halos played good defense the past 4 days.

A few things chapped my ass this weekend.

I’ll give it up to David Price. He is having a great year, and he is a great pitcher. S**t happens.



Explain to me what happened to Jered Weaver on Friday? Allowing a career high 9 earned runs! Could he have tweaked his back on the wild pitch he threw in that horrendous 7-run 4th?

C.J. Wilson. My friends in Texas were happy to see you leave, and I told them they would regret that comment.


Maybe they were right. Winless since late June just doesn’t cut it. Basically, you suck. In his last 4 starts, the Halos have lost 15-9, 10-4, 6-2 and 10-8. No, Wilson hasn’t allowed all those runs, but he has given up 20 of the 41. If you’re hurt tell someone, ’cause right now you are just hurting the team.

He very well may be hurt. Last year, in 4 starts from 7-31 to 8-17, Wilson’s ERA was 3.85. This year it is 8.49 (8-2 thru-8-18). Either he has quit on the team, or coaches, or he is hurt. I’ll go with the latter.

Losing an 8 run lead was embarrassment to the 2002 World Champion Angels, who were being honored on Saturday. 8 freakin’ nothing going into the 5th. it was 8-7 after 5, and 8-8 after 6.

Actually, with their resiliency, the Rays resembled that 2002 squad. The Angels played the part of the Giants.


And Angels fans…geez. Really, not one boo, not one cat call. No nothing. My favorite fan was the one sitting in center wearing the Pujols jersey who appeared to catch Evan Longoria’s game tying home run. Nice grab, but jumping up and down all excited shows you know are an awful fan, who has no idea what is going on in the game. You looked just as pitiful as the product that was on the field.

This team was put together to challenge for a title, not supply fodder to for ESPN. For once, let the team know you aren’t happy with the product on the field. Keep it civil, but booing now and again isn’t a crime. I do congratulate the true Angels fans that don’t attend the games, refusing to buy into a team that has quit on the field.

They all got their huge multi-million dollar extensions.

I have been a true Angels fan since the early 1970′s. This looked like some of the games I attended in those day. Well, at least the days that Nolan Ryan or Frank Tanana didn’t pitch.

The Angels did mount a teeny rally in the 9th, but Fernando Rodney ended it. No Jose Mota, Maicer Izturis shouldn’t have swung at the first pitch to end the game. Rodney didn’t appear to have his best stuff, and I think Izturis let him off the hook by doing that. Oh yeah, Izturis is 0-18 as a pinch hitter, so he knows best.

No need to talk about game 4. If there was an Angels fan that thought the team was gonna win on Sunday, please give me a hit of what you were/are smoking.


Nope, I’m wrong. Zack Greinke has done nothing for the team. Yes, he has walked a ton of guys, and allowed more than 4 runs in an inning in 3 of his 5 Halo starts, but other than that he has been fantastic.

Couple other things for ya. You will not hear broadcaster call out players, because they complain not only to said broadcaster, but too management as well. Management will always side with the player. Case in point, Rex Hudler. who when he first started would say what we were all thinking. But, by his 2nd season, he wouldn’t utter a bad word, even if player was dogging it, or making bone head mistakes.

And all the 2002 hoopla. It is being talked about so much now because the organization knows that the product on the field is bad, so they are trying to drum up interest in other things, with the hope you will not notice.

You’ve not heard me say a thing about the Angels offense. Yes, they have been hot and cold of late, but they, for the most part have done their job. 14 runs in 4 games isn’t very good, but if the Halos got any pitching at all, they may have been able to split the series.

So Jason Isringhausen said he won’t accept a demotion if the Angels asked him. He would just as soon retire. Watching him pitch lately, I thought he already retired. Take the money, but refuse to do anything that might get you back on the beam. The new American way.

If Scott Downs is ready to pitch, can Scioscia stop using him for just one batter like he did on Saturday? The rest of the pen is dreadful. Why would you pull the guy after 1 batter? He should have been on the mound to start the 7th.

I could go on and on, but why beat a dead horse. The Angels now head to Boston, where they always play well (I AM JOKING). Then it’s off to Detroit, where the Halos lost 3 of 4 they last time they were in town allowing 20 runs in those 3 losses.

Your move DiPoto.

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