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Buffone Fantasy Football Guide: QBs 1-5

Posted By John Buffone On Aug 20 2012 @ 12:10 pm In Fantasy Football | 1 Comment

It’s that time of year again when eyes are glued to computer screens. Stats and projections become as important as food and water. But have no fear, the Buffone Fantasy Guide will help relieve some of the stress you’re most likely feeling. Here are quarterbacks 1-5.

                                        QBs 16-20 [1]

QBs 6-10 [2]                          QBs 21-25 [3]

QBs 11-15 [4]                         QBs 26-30 [5]





Rodgers is easily the best fantasy option at QB in 2012.

#1 Aaron Rodgers

Age: 28

Height: 6-2

Weight: 223

Bye Week: 10

Keeper Status: Great 

2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4,643                          Rushing Yards: 257

Passing TDs:            45            INTs : 6                        Rushing TDs: 3


2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 4,360                          Rushing Yards: 325

Passing TDs:            40            INTs:            7            Rushing TDs: 3 

Positive: Rodgers is the model of efficiency at the quarterback position and with a lack of a running game, expect him to continue to air it out in 2012. Working against a schedule laden with bad pass defenses, Rodgers should be the first QB off your board.

Negative: He’s so good that he might not make it to you in the first round.



Despite the absence of Sean Payton, Brees will continue to put up big numbers.

#2 Drew Brees

Age: 32

Height: 6-0 

Weight: 210

Bye Week: 6

Keeper Status: Great 

2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 5,476             Rushing Yards: 86

Passing TDs:            46            INTs : 14                        Rushing TDs: 1


2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards: 5,123                        Rushing Yards: 45

Passing TDs:            42            INTs :            18            Rushing TDs: 1

Positive: Brees will mostly likely attempt the most passes and throw for the most touchdowns among all NFL QB’s in 2012. With the amount of times the Saints will air it out, expect huge numbers from 32-year-old. If you can’t nab Rodgers, don’t fret about grabbing Brees.

Negative: Bress won’t have his offensive guru Sean Payton around to help in 2012. His absence and Brees’ contract dispute in the offseason are the only things keeping him from reaching the no. 1 spot on our list. You can probably expect a few more INTs from him as well.




Brady is as reliable as they come in fantasy football.

#3 Tom Brady

Age: 35

Height: 6-4

Weight: 225

Bye Week: 9

Keeper Status: Great

 2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 5,235                         Rushing Yards: 109

Passing TDs:            39            INTs : 12                        Rushing TDs: 3


2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 4,505                        Rushing Yards: 54

Passing TDs:            34            INTs :            5            Rushing TDs: 2

Positive: Old Reliable. Brady is a stud of a fantasy QB that often gets overshadowed by the top two guys on this list. Going on 35-years-old, one has to think that Brady will slow down at some point but 2012 doesn’t figure to be that season. Adding weapons like Brandon Lloyd and Donte Stallworth to an already elite wide receiver and tight end core and Brady will once again be in the MVP race at the end of the season.

Negative: At some point, Bill Belichick will want to incorporate the two running backs he drafted in 2011 (Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley), which could mean less attempts for Brady. This shouldn’t be enough to sway you from Brady though.



Stafford is on track to join the group of elite fantasy QBs.

#4 Matthew Stafford

Age: 24

 Height: 6-2

Weight: 225

Bye Week: 5

Keeper Status: Good

 2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 5,038             Rushing Yards: 78

Passing TDs: 41                        INTs : 16                        Rushing TDs: 0


2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 4803                        Rushing Yards: 61

Passing TDs:            36            INTs :            17            Rushing TDs: 1

Positive: At only 24, Stafford has the capability of being an elite fantasy option for the next decade. With the a questionable running game and the best receiver in the league at his disposal, Stafford will continue to rack up big-time numbers.

Negative: Stafford is great…when he plays. The young gun seemed to shake the injury bug last year but if he’s going to be dropping back as many times as expected, he could take some big hits throughout the season.



Don't look for a sophomore slump for Newton.

#5 Cam Newton

Age: 23 

Height: 6-5

Weight: 248

Bye Week: 6

Keeper Status: Great

2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4,051             Rushing Yards: 596

Passing TDs:            21            INTs : 17                        Rushing TDs: 8


2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 3758                        Rushing Yards: 65 

Passing TDs:            24            INTs :            16            Rushing TDs:  7

 Positive: Reports coming out of Carolina are claiming that Newton is improving at a spectacular rate, which is ultra-encouraging to owners who have their eye on the second-year star. Along with his ever-improving arm, Newton can and will bust out a big TD run at anytime to make him a triple threat. His huge frame makes him less of an injury risk than other scramblers like Michael Vick.

Negative: Don’t predict a sophomore slump for Newton but expect defenses to key in on him a little better than they did last year. Also, as nice as it was to see the resurrection of Steve Smith in 2011, Newton’s main deep threat recently turned 33 and has a lot of miles on him.

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