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Buffone Fantasy Football Guide: QBs 6-10

Posted By John Buffone On Aug 21 2012 @ 3:02 pm In Fantasy Football | No Comments

Well the elite quarterbacks are off the board and if you haven’t snatched one up yet, you’re going to want to look for the the most efficient QB option possible. Although these guys won’t have out-of-this-world numbers the top QBs will have, there are plenty of points to go around with QBs 6-10.

QBs 1-5  [1]                             QBs 16-20 [2]

QBs 21-25 [3]

QBs 11-15 [4]                           QBs 26-30 [5]






Rivers has the potential to put up big numbers if his supporting cast stays healthy.

#6 Philip Rivers

Age: 30

Height: 6-5 

Weight: 228

Bye Week: 7

Keeper Status: Good


2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4,624             Rushing Yards: 36

Passing TDs:     27            INTs : 20                        Rushing TDs: 1


2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards: 4455                        Rushing Yards: 43

Passing TDs:    26            INTs :            14            Rushing TDs: 2

Positive: Rivers is a great talent who will have some real weapons to throw to this year. With receiving talent like Eddie Royal and Robert Meachem coming to town, Rivers will have more options than just Antonio Gates and Ryan Mathews.

Negative: San Diego’s new offensive coordinator seems to be much more run-oriented which could take away some of Rivers’ throwing opportunities. Also, the departure of Vincent Jackson will be much more noticeable if Gates continues to get hurt and Meachem and Royal flounder in their new system.



He takes a lot of criticism but Romo is a solid fantasy QB.

Age: 32

Height: 6-2 

Weight: 220

Bye Week: 5

Keeper Status: Good


2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4,184             Rushing Yards: 46

Passing TDs:    31            INTs : 10                        Rushing TDs: 1


2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards: 4,250                        Rushing Yards: 54

Passing TDs:   30            INTs :            12            Rushing TDs: 1


Positive: While there is a stigma attached to Romo as a quarterback that can’t get it done in the big game, that doesn’t mean he can’t get it done for your fantasy squad. Romo will start the season with weapons like Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Jason Witten and DeMarco Murray at his disposal. Despite all the potential, Romo will still likely slide to you if you’re waiting on a QB.

Negative: Romo’s decision-making is suspect at times, which could lead to some stinker games. Furthermore, if Murray is the real deal at halfback, look for him to carry a lot of the offensive load this season.



Vick can be a fantasy goldmine if he stays healthy.

#8 Michael Vick

 Age: 32

Height: 6-0 

Weight: 215

 Bye Week: 7

Keeper Status: OK

2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 3,303             Rushing Yards: 589

Passing TDs:   18            INTs : 14                        Rushing TDs: 1

2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 3.656                        Rushing Yards: 678

Passing TDs:     24            INTs :            15            Rushing TDs: 6

Positive: Vick is the most athletically gifted QB in the NFL and can take over a game at any point. He’ll have a number of weapons at his disposal with receivers Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin and running back Lesean McCoy. Not to mention, Vick can rack up serious points with his legs if all else fails.

Negative: Vick is a great quarterback…when he plays. The 32-year-old Vick isn’t getting any young and his body can’t continue to take the pounding he requires of it week in and week out. If you’re going to snatch Vick, be sure to invest in a solid backup.



The younger Manning brother has finally eclipsed his brother.

Age: 31

Height: 6-4 

Weight: 220

 Bye Week: 11

Keeper Status: Good


2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4,933             Rushing Yards: 15

Passing TDs:   29            INTs : 16                        Rushing TDs: 1

2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards:      4,800       Rushing Yards: 24

Passing TDs:  30                      INTs :    18                    Rushing TDs: 2

Positive: Eli is finally the more productive Manning as we saw the Giants win another Super Bowl Championship. It looks as though Eli is considered elite and with weapons like Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks at his disposal, Eli could head another big air attack in 2012.

Negative: Although Eli may have taken a big step forward last year, he does tend to lay a few big eggs that can completely annihilate your chances a winning. Unfortunately, some of those stinkers come during fantasy playoff times.



Time will tell if Peyton still has his magic touch.

#10  Peyton Manning

Age: 36

Height: 6-5 

Weight: 230

Bye Week: 7

Keeper Status: OK 

 2010 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4,700             Rushing Yards: 18

Passing TDs:   33            INTs : 17                        Rushing TDs:  0

2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards:  3,756           Rushing Yards: 15

Passing TDs:   27                     INTs :   19                 Rushing TDs: 0

Positive: It’s hard to count out Peyton even after three neck surgeries and and changing teams. Manning has come to Denver with his typical hard-working attitude and is already building a solid report with his receivers.

Negative: Peyton is 36-years-old and could be in the twilight of his career (as sad as that seems). Also, Peyton has never been a great outside quarterback and the winters in Denver will be a far cry from the warm confines of Lucas Oil Stadium. Furthermore, the jury is still out on whether the all-time great can withstand a big hit and stay healthy all season.

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