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Buffone Fantasy Football Guide: QBs 11-15

Posted By John Buffone On Aug 22 2012 @ 12:56 pm In Fantasy Football | No Comments

After the first ten QBs fly off the board, it’s time to start looking for some mid-range value that can be efficient backups or week-to-week spot starters. Here are QBs 11-15.

QBs 1-5  [1]                             QBs 16-20 [2]

QBs 6-10 [3]                           QBs 21-25 [4]

QBs 26-30 [5]





Ryan has the tools around him to take the next step in 2012.

#11 Matt  Ryan

Age: 27 

Height: 6-5

Weight: 218

Bye Week:7

Keeper Status: Good

2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4,177               Rushing Yards: 84

Passing TDs:   29            INTs : 12                        Rushing TDs: 2


2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 4,225               Rushing Yards: 53 

Passing TDs:    31            INTs :  15            Rushing TDs: 1

Positive: “Matty Ice” is poised to have the best statistical season of his career along with receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones. Ryan is approaching that age where QBs enter their prime and it looks like Atlanta is leaning away from the running game to lean on Ryan’s arm. 

Negative: Despite all of Ryan’s upside, it’s not completely out of the question that he might have another unexciting season. Ryan has never been now to bomb the ball down field and despite being efficient; he doesn’t rack up a lot of yards. Also, if the Falcons are going rely more on the passing game in 2012, you can expect an increse in INTs.



There's reason to believe that Cutler will have his best season yet.

#13 Jay Cutler

Age: 29 

Height: 6-3

Weight: 225

Bye Week: 6

Keeper Status: Good


2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 2,319             Rushing Yards: 55

Passing TDs:   13            INTs : 7                        Rushing TDs: 1


2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards: 4104               Rushing Yards: 101

Passing TDs:  29            INTs :   16            Rushing TDs: 1

Positive: Recovered from a thumb injury, Cutler is poised to have the best season of his career. Reuniting with fellow former Bronco Brandon Marshall will be huge for both parties and rookie Alshon Jeffrey looks like his fitting in well with the Bears system. Plus, no more Mike Martz means no more 12-step drops behind a leaky O-line.

Negative: With Mike Tice taking over the offense, there could be a lot more running with Matt Forte and Michael Bush and even with quicker passing plays, Cutler could still be running for his life at times.



There are no more excuses in 2012, which could be a "do or die" season for Freeman.

#12 Josh Freeman 

Age: 24

Height: 6-6

 Weight: 248

Bye Week: 5

Keeper Status: OK


2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 3,592             Rushing Yards: 238

Passing TDs:   16            INTs : 22                        Rushing TDs: 4

2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards:  3,745              Rushing Yards: 205

Passing TDs:   26            INTs :  19            Rushing TDs: 3


Positive: Bringing in Vincent Jackson will certainly give Freeman the big target he has been waiting for and if he plays up to his potential, he could be a fantasy sleeper yet again.

Negative: Freeman had a stinker of a season last year and if Jackson and fellow reveiver Mike Williams get lethargic (which they can be at times), Freeman could have another frustrating campaign. 



Schaub is too "high risk, high reward" for some.

#14 Matt Schaub

Age: 31

Height: 6-5

Weight: 237 

Bye Week: 8

Keeper Status: Poor


2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 2,479             Rushing Yards: 9

Passing TDs:  15            INTs : 6                        Rushing TDs: 2


2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards: 3,898              Rushing Yards: 24

Passing TDs:     25            INTs :  11            Rushing TDs: 0


Positive: Schaub efficiency is one of his best attribute; having a career completion percentage of nearly 65 percent. If he is healthy, Schaub can be a very productive fantasy QB with Andre Johnson at his disposal. 

Negative: There are a lot of red flags surrounding Schaub. If it’s not the injury bug that deters you, it could be that the Texans are the best running team in the league.



At only 24, Dalton could already be at the crossroads of his fantasy football career.

#15 Andy Dalton

Age: 24

Height: 6-2 

Weight: 215

 Bye Week: 8

Keeper Status: Good


2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 3,398             Rushing Yards: 152

Passing TDs:    20            INTs : 13                        Rushing TDs: 1

2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards: 3,789            Rushing Yards: 201

Passing TDs:  26            INTs : 15            Rushing TDs: 2

Positive: Dalton could take a large step forward this year with his biggest weapon AJ Green.  The second-year QB had an impressive rookie campaign and adding rookie receiver Mohamed Sanu and running back Benjarvus Green-Ellis should only help Dalton continue to grow.

Negative: While a sophomore slump isn’t likely, Dalton gives hints that he could be “Joe Flacco-ish” at times. While he is talented and could lead the Bengals to victory, he might bury your fantasy team from time to time.

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