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Buffone Fantasy Football Guide: QBs 21-25

Posted By John Buffone On Aug 24 2012 @ 10:15 am In Fantasy Football | No Comments

Well you took the approach that you were going to wait on your QB and load up on RBs and WRs early, right? If you waited until now to choose your starter, you’re not completely out of luck yet but if you’re looking for a sound backup, you’ve come to the right place.

QBs 1-5 [1]                             QBs 16-20 [2]

QBs 6-10 [3]

QBs 11-15 [4]                         QBs 26-30 [5]



Grab Luck for the future and hope he breaks out this season.

#21 Andrew Luck 

Age: 22

Height: 6-4

Weight: 234

Bye Week: 4

Keeper Status:Great

 2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: N/A               Rushing Yards: N/A

Passing TDs: N/A            INTs : N/A                        Rushing TDs: N/A

2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 3,396              Rushing Yards: 201 

Passing TDs: 23            INTs :  17            Rushing TDs: 2

Positive: Like RG3, Luck has the potential to have a solid rookie season from a statistical standpoint. He’s been ready to jump to the NFL since he was 19 and will have reliable weapons like receiver Reggie Wayne and his college teammate Coby Fleener at tight end.

Negative: Also like RG3, Luck is more of an investment for the long-term health of your fantasy team and will probably be relied upon too much at times when the Colts are down by double digits at halftime.



Bradford is running out of excuses to not succeed.

#22 Sam Bradford

Age: 24

 Height: 6-4

Weight: 224 

Bye Week: 9

Keeper Status: OK

2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 2,164             Rushing Yards: 26

Passing TDs:6            INTs : 6                        Rushing TDs: 0

2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards:  3,298             Rushing Yards: 105

Passing TDs: 24            INTs :  16            Rushing TDs: 0

Positive: Bradford is fully healthy and headed into his third year in the NFL. The Rams’ receiving corps is flooded with solid potential like rookie receiver Brian Quick, Brandon Gibson, Austin Pettis and Steve Smith who not all the long ago caught 107 balls for the New York Giants. Throw in tight end Lance Kendricks and Bradford has no excuse to not take a big leap this year.

Negative: The injury bug bit Bradford last year and this could be the season for St. Louis to decide if the 24-year-old is in their future. Despite having a lot of potential at WR, Bradford is banking on one of his receiving prospects to turn into a reliable no. 1. Bradford is a pretty high risk with a potential moderate reward.



Cassel has some sleeper potential in 2012.

#23 Matt Cassel

Age: 30 

Height: 6-4

Weight: 230

Bye Week: 7 

Keeper Status: Poor 

2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 1,713             Rushing Yards: 99

Passing TDs:  10            INTs : 9                        Rushing TDs: 0

2012 Projected Stats:  

Passing Yards: 2,896              Rushing Yards: 110

 Passing TDs: 22            INTs : 10            Rushing TDs: 0

Positive: Cassel is back from injury and is flourishing under his new offensive system. With Dwayne Bowe back in camp and Jon Baldwin looking to take the next step in his career, Cassel’s efficiency could make him a sleeper candidate this year.

Negative: Other than his nice 2010 season, Cassel has been painfully average in Kansas City and there are talks that this could be his last chance to prove he’s the Chiefs’ guy. Cassel never throws for a lot of yards and his productivity could be hurt by the presence of Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis.



Despite being efficient, Smith won't get too many chances to light up the fantasy scoreboard.

#24 Alex Smith 

Age: 28 

Height: 6-4 

Weight: 217 

Bye Week: 9

Keeper Status: Poor


 2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 3,144             Rushing Yards: 179

Passing TDs:  17            INTs : 5                        Rushing TDs: 2

2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 3,289              Rushing Yards: 151

Passing TDs: 19            INTs :  6            Rushing TDs: 2

Positive: The no. 1 overall pick in 2005 got a lot of weapons thrown his way this offseason with receivers Mario Manningham, Randy Moss and rookie AJ Jenkins coming to San Francisco. In a weak division that the 49ers are heavy favorites in, look for Smith to have another efficient year.

Negative: Smith is the epitome of a game manager. While he does make his throws count, the 49ers are very much a ground and pound team. If San Fran gets up early in the game, look for Smith to get shut down and the defense/running game to take over.



There is a lot to be found out about Ponder before he is a safe pick.

#25 Christian Ponder 

Age: 24

Height: 6-2

Weight: 229 

Bye Week: 11 

Keeper Status:Poor 

2011 Stats:

Passing Yards: 1853               Rushing Yards: 219

Passing TDs: 13            INTs : 13                        Rushing TDs: 0

2012 Projected Stats: 

Passing Yards: 2,798              Rushing Yards: 279

 Passing TDs: 19                        INTs :            15            Rushing TDs: 2

Positive: Ponder got some experience under his belt last year as a rookie and the Vikings like what they see so far out of the former Florida State product. With playmakers like Percy Harvin and tight end Kyle Rudolph at his disposal, Ponder could have a nice year.

Negative: We really haven’t seen enough of Ponder to make a decision on whether he belongs as a starter or not. If he goes into the season with a limited running game, it could be more sink than swim for the young QB.

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