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Texans Season Predictions

Posted By Dustin Kelver On Sep 4 2012 @ 11:16 pm In Houston Texans,NFL | Comments Disabled

Football starts tommorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to have the NFL back. There are plenty of great storylines around the league and around the Houston Texans. Fans can no longer say the Texans don’t get any love from the media. I just done reading a predictions list on nfl.com and 10 out of 16 “experts” predicted the Texans to make it to the AFC Championship game.and 4 out of those 10 said the Texans make it to the Super Bowl, but no one thought they would win it all. Well I’m just going to focus on the Texans right now, breaking down wins and losses, who I think will have a breakout season, and things like that. Here we go!

Week 1 vs Miami Dolphins:
Texans in no way should lose this game. Miami has looked like one of the worst teams all preseason long. Texans win easy 31-10.

Week 2 vs Jacksonville: (Texans are 1-0)
MJD still will not be fully incorporated into the Jags offense at this point in the season and that’s only good news for Houston. Blaine Gabbert looked terrible last season especially versus the blitz. Texans’ D dials it up and beat Jacksonville 28-14

Week 3 vs Denver: (Texans are 2-0)
Peyton Manning has always had the Texans’ number but this is a new defense that Manning hasn’t seen before. Denver also didn’t look in sync during the preseason but you have to think that will be worked out by week 3 but I think Houston’s offense is too much for Denver’s defense. Texans win 30-28.

Week 4 vs Titans: (Texans are 3-0)
People seem to forget Tennessee only finished one game behind the Texans last year for the division and only missed out on the playoffs due to tie breaking rules. Jake Locker now leads this team and a heavier Chris Johnson hopes to have a bounce back season. Houston is playing at home and is too much for Tennessee and wins 35-24.

Week 5 vs Tebow: (Texans are 4-0)
Although I don’t think Tebow will be starting yet for New York I think the name is appropriate. I just don’t think the Jets can score enough to beat Houston. Texans prevail 24-14

Week 6 vs Green Bay: (Texans are 5-0)
Aaron Rodgers is a man. Packers defense is a little suspect but they went 15-1 with a bad defense last year. This game is a shoot out. Packers over Texans 38-32

Week 7 vs Ravens: (Texans are 5-1)
A rematch of last years AFC DIvisional playoff game and really they are two identical teams.  They both have tremendous running backs and then an above average quarterback but the backbone is the strong defense.  This should be a great game to watch just like the playoff game last year was.  Balitmore wins 24-23.

Week 9 vs Buffalo: (Texans are 5-2)

The return of Mario Williams, that will be the big story line for the Texans, but I think Buffalo may surprise so people this year.  There defense is has improved vastly from last season and they too have battled injuries on the offensive side of the football but they have shown the ability to score a lot of points.  This is a critical game for Houston because I have them at 4-3 currently so its a big game for them.  Buffalo is just too inconsistent so the Texans win 28-20

Week 10 vs Chicago: (Texans are 6-2)

Chicago will be very good this season.  Jay Cutler reuniting with Brandon Marshall will be a deadly combo.  Then you also have to worry about Matt Forte.  Sounds like Houston with Schaub, Andre, and Arian though.  This again should be a great game to watch but I really think Chicago is going to go far this year they will be tough to beat.  Chicago wins 35-31

Week 11 vs Jacksonville: (Texans are 6-3)

MJD will be playing alot more than he did in week 2 but the Texans are so much more superior to Jacksonville right now I just do see anyway Jacksonville beats Houston.  Texans over Jags 35-17

Week 12 vs Detriot: (Texans are 7-3)

I guess you could call the Lions the surprise team of last year and their offense is one of the best in the NFL, but Stafford has injury issues and they are very one dimensional.  I see Houston winning this game they are just the better team.  Texans 32 Lions 21

Week 13 vs Tennessee: (Texans are 8-3)

This is a terrific rivalry and one that every football should know about! I mean enough of Cowboys and Giants already! When’s the last time they got into an on the field fight? They just talk back and forth, the Texans and Titans are out for blood when these two teams play.  Texans can never seem to sweep the series vs Tennessee and Tennessee can never seem to sweep the series against the Texans (at least as of the last few seasons, the first few seasons were one sided).  So I see a split again, and Tennessee wins 27-23.

Week 14 vs New England: (Texans are 8-4)

New England will always be good as long as they have two guys on their team.  Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, they have built a dynasty there in New England and are never easy to beat.  Texans lose in a dog fight 38-34

Week 15 vs Colts: (Texans are 8-5)

Well let’s face it the Colts are starting over and sure they won’t go 0-16, but they sure aren’t ready to compete with the big dogs yet and I don’t think Indy wins either of the games vs Houston this season.  Texans win 34-20

Week 16 vs Vikings: (Texans are 9-5)

Minnesota just isn’t very good they do have Adrian Peterson but we have yet to see how effective he will be after having knee surgery.  I still don’t believe in their QB and the defense needs work to.  Texans win easily 35-17

Week 17 vs Colts: (Texans are 10-5)

Andrew Luck first season will end with a loss to the Texans again I just don’t think the Colts are ready yet even if Luck does amazing and puts up ridiculous numbers.  The Colts defense still isn’t very good  so with all that said Texans win 28-17


Texans finish 11-5 as the 3 seed and make it to the AFC Championship game but I don’t think they can beat the Patriots right now.

Texans team MVP:

Arain Foster, I may be saying this because he is on my fantasy team this year and I hope he goes off, but also if Schaub and Andre stay healthy that should really open things up for Foster.

Defensive MVP:

Brian Cushing he be the leader of this team despite how ridiculous or stupid he may be at times.  He will lead the team in tackles again and lead this team to a top 10 defense.

Breakout player:

Keshawn Martin.  He will become to Texans #2 WR and end up with about 60-70 catches and 700-800 yards with about 5 TD’s

Now the moment you have all been waiting for:

I think the Texans make it to the AFC Championship game against the Patriots but I don’t see them winning Tom Brady is just too good.  However, I think you can call it a successful season for Houston.

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