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Another Season Down The Drain And No Real Answers For Next Year.

Posted By James Beck On Sep 16 2012 @ 12:35 pm In New York Mets | No Comments



Sandy preachers 2013-2014 but what will be there in 2013-2014 or is he just counting his days down until his contract get’s terminated. As Mets fans are forced to be the laughing stock of New York and most of the league what do we have hope for? Really what do we have to look forward to Wheeler, Mejia, Familia and Harvey. Ok let’s get this straight your hoping for two starters and two bullpen pitchers. There is no bat coming through the system anytime soon.


And as for the pitchers let’s be honest if Wheeler or Harvey don’t work then where have you really gotten. Mejia can’t throw strikes and Familia is right behind him in that area. I don’t worry about wheeler many pitchers struggle when first promoted from AA to AAA. Harvey has gone 6 or more only twice in 6 starts strike out numbers are good but increases his pitch total and teams foul off a lot of pitches against him. Still I believe that pitching will not be the Mets problem.  Look at this list and notice how bad this system is dying for bats. http://nextlevelsportsnetwork.com/?p=5846 [3]

It is the hitting that will drag the Mets down, to many inconsistent hitters. No pure lead off hitter and if I have to listen to Hernandez, Darling or that dope Cohen try to convince people he is good I’m going to puke. Wright for the benefit of himself and the team needs to be traded to bring in some consistent young talent. Murphy has got to go and I would look into a package of Davis and Murphy for Trumbo and a pitching prospect. Valdespin needs to go as well and don’t get me started on Torres.

Sandy I don’t blame you, it is the Wilpons and Minaya no money to spend and nothing special to trade to get anything in return. Let’s be honest though it isn’t working and no big pieces will be added to this team to help Wright it’s time to move on from him. I know for a fact that Texas would love to have him as well as S.F that way can play meatloaf at first. Gary Brown would be an amazing start to a package. S.F is also rich in catchers in their system. Andrew Suzac to just throw out a name.

It’s time to stop holding Wright hostage, besides you can sign him when his contract runs out at the end of next year. I actually feel bad for the guy having to go through this every year. And we all know wright would not say a word that is just Wright class to the end. The angels themselves would love Wright trade him and the fans should understand why. Besides you have no true number 1 pitcher no real second baseman no real outfielder.  Or you can spend some money and bring in Montero and Bourn. And let the kids progress in the bullpen and starting rotation.


Bourn gives you your lead off hitter and Montero gives you a good defensive catcher with pop. As Mets fans I think we all know the spending money part isn’t happening. So while it was nice of Bud to try and save the Mets next year with the All- Star game all that means is you’ll sell out for two days and the Wilpons can make their money. The negatives Mets fans will get to see the talent that their owners robbed them of ever having the chance to get on the free agent market. Here’s a look at Montero’s stats for this year. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/m/montemi01.shtml [5]

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