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Acta out Alomar Jr In. Is this the right direction for the tribe

Posted By Luke Lovekin On Sep 28 2012 @ 10:34 am In All Sports,Cleveland Indians | No Comments

Well after writing the same old tired thing about the Tribe it seems they have finally decided to get rid of Manny Acta. After a season that Tribe fans would sooner forget it appears finally Cleveland front office has decided to listen to what everyone else in the baseball community has been saying (including yours truly) since after the All-Star break. Although the Tribe started out around the money when the wheels fell off it became clear that the team weren’t playing for Manny and it seemed as if Manny didn’t care about the team.


Manny Acta FINALLY given his marching orders

To me all season Manny seemed to sit the guys who were on a hot streak and played the guys who were cold and as anyone who watched the Tribe this season when they were cold they were cold as ice. That said Acta isn’t the only reason that the Tribe had a poor year this season and there is only so much Acta could do besides taking the field himself which in some games may not have hurt. After the record breaking horror story of a season the Tribe have had it was only a matter of time before someone’s head had to roll and it was always going to be Acta, and Sandy Alomar Jr was always going to be the successor.

Sandy Alomar Jr is loved around the clubhouse and also by the fans being a Tribe Hall of Famer if anyone can turn them around its Sandy. Having been rumoured to be in the running to be head coach of other ball clubs in the last two post seasons it would only have been a matter of time before Alomar left for the head coach roll and I am sure this move had more to do with giving the fans something to look forward to next season. Although they haven’t named Alomar as the head coach next season it would seem that this will be the case.

Although I have been calling for Acta’s head for some months now I do have some problems with this move. It’s too little too late now with 6 games left in the season the Tribe stand to gain nothing it’s not long enough for the head office to see what changes he will make and how he will handle different situations and also won’t give him long enough to make any rotation changes to the starting rotation which has been woeful to say the least this season. This tells me that this decision has been made months ago probably in august some time maybe just after one of their losing streaks. If we work on this decision has been made months ago then why oh why did the front office sit on their hands for so long. Not that I think he will be (actually I think Alomar will do very well as head coach) but let’s say Sandy is terrible in the top job surely it’s better to find out this season once they are no longer likely to be competing for a chance to play in the post season, find out he is terrible and then find someone new in the off season, or the opposite happens Alomar takes the wheel and turns this season around and sure they may not make the post season but at least you have given the fans something to come and watch.


Is Alomar the new direction?

Even the games lately that the Tribe have been playing well in and even the wins, the spirit is gone from Cleveland, the commentators have lost their spark when they call the game, the attendance looks to be down and also their input to the games seems down. I am sure the front office recognised this before an un-paid blogger from Australia did so why didn’t they act sooner? Either Alomar wasn’t the first choice for the job and whoever they were looking for fell through its just another thing to add to what has just been a terrible second half to a season from a team that was on top of the division at times or only a game or two behind at the All-Star break who have now just dropped off so quickly that they have now fired Acta.

Can this give the Tribe a chance next year? I think so if they make some good moves in the offseason and look for an ace someone that is going to give them 7 – 8 good innings and isn’t going to give up 5 runs in the first inning I really do think that the Tribe can contend next season. I am also a fan of Alomar taking over the team and I hope that he will be at the helm next season also, I think it will be good for a young team to grow together under a young head coach (in coaching terms). It’s also good for the team that he is a club hall of famer and also a player, someone who has achieved more than them in there playing time (on account Acta never actually made it to the majors). Let’s see what Alomar does with his 6 games but I think the decision has been made and these 6 games really mean nothing to who will have the top spot.


Out with the old and in with the New!!!

SO… will Alomar take over next season? I think he will it seems like the direction that the Tribe should take. I think if they want to keep the supporters that they still have (which seems to be just the diehard Tribe fans now) they NEED to keep Alomar or else it could be a tough start of the season through the ticket box.


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