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The Fins went into the jungle and debungled the Bengals!!!

Posted By Daniel Saviuk On Oct 8 2012 @ 12:01 am In Miami Dolphins,NFL | 1 Comment

Heartbreak! Despair! Agony! Words that have described the last 2 weeks of Miami Dolphins football. Today, the Dolphins went up against the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati and debungled them in a toughy, gritty matchup. In a sea of orange and black, the Dolphins felt some TEAL was needed to IMPROVE THE SCENERY!!

As I said in my PREGAME BLOG: “I believe we will see the Dolphins’ win that close game by forcing a TURNOVER to win the game!!” and I DEFINITELY WILL TOOT MY OWN HORN because I was a SPOT ON CORRECT!!!!!

Today, Tannehill and his teammates had a lead late in the 4th quarter, and finished it with SS Reshad Jones intercepting Andy Dalton with 1:22 left in the game at midfield. The Dolphins had been 2-10 in their 12 games decided by 3 points or less.

There was a real sense of IRONY in 3 different ways to help explain this victory:

1). It was the Miami Dolphins’ DEFENSE that told a story today.

* They ranked 1st against the run (19 carries, 80 yards (29 came on 1 play by Bernard Scott) by 4 different Bengals runners).

* They ranked 30th in passing yards allowed; gave up 234 yards passing and only gave up 1 TD.

* They had 3 sacks (15 on the year)

* Nolan Carroll got the nod to replace injured CB Richard Marshall; 3 tackles and 1 Pass Broken up. He had some nice hits as well.

* They had a fumble recovery by DT Tony McDaniel (1st game since the opener)

* They had 2 Interceptions (7 on the year):

1) DT Randy Starks; who leaped up and snatched it at the line of scrimmage, and that can be seen here: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap1000000077772/Andy-Dalton-INT [1]. That setup Bush’s 13 yard TD run.

In talking about the interception after the game, Starks had this to say:

“We had a stunt going on and got the middle clogged up. I read the quarterback’s eyes and I was fortunate enough to make the play,” Starks said.

Starks had three tackles, half a sack, a quarterback hit and a second pass breakup to go along with the interception.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/10/08/3039339/miami-dolphins-secondary-vital.html#storylink=cpy [2]

During practice on Friday, the defensive line had practiced that sort of interception in a drill
from point-blank range (Thank God nobody got hurt). — and it came with ugly results.

“Balls were bouncing everywhere,” defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle recalled with a chuckle.

But the practice paid off in the game, and the 305-pound Starks came away with his fourth career interception.

“He looks like Jerry Rice out there,” Coyle said. http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/stout-stuff-from-dolphins-front-four-_-team-has-nfls-best-run-defense-and-15-sacks/2012/10/08/d06d5c12-1181-11e2-9a39-1f5a7f6fe945_story.html [3]

2) SS Reshad Jones; who was on the receiving end of Andy Dalton’s overthrow of WR Andre Hawkins: You can see the interception as part of the highlight package, which can be seen here. http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000071799/Dolphins-vs-Bengals-highlights [4]

After the game, Reshad had this to say about the interception:

“The ball was thrown right to me,” the Dolphins safety said after his interception sealed the Dolphins 17-13 win.

Easy, right?

“I just played catch with the quarterback,” he said.

He played the classic safety role of reading Dalton’s eyes. Moving where he looked. Waiting to see what developed.

“There wasn’t too much more to it than that,” he said.

To read more from this article, go to http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-hyde-miami-dolphins-1008-20121007,0,6894883.column [5].

Besides the INT, he also had 6 tackles (1 Assisted), and some POWERFUL HITS. He was victim of a punt hitting him the back while he was blocking. The ball touched him, and that meant the ball was inplay despite him not being the punt-returner. It was recovered by the Bengals, but the officials blew the call. It looked like Special Teamer Vontaze Burfict didn’t have control of the ball when he recovered the ball as he was rolling out of bounds. That fumble led to a FG.

Before the interception, Rookie Linebacker Olivier Vernon ran 20 yards downfield, laid out and knocked down a pass over the middle, so that made it 2nd down. After a 10 yard offensive penalty to make it 2nd and 23, Jones picked it off Dalton..

2) Dalton makes the MISTAKES that Tannehill had been making late in games:

* It was the Bengals FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK Andy Dalton who became UNGLUED late in the game at HOME NO LESS. He threw an INTERCEPTION that sealed Miami’s victory. Ryan Tannehill showed his poise and confidence all day. He didn’t make any mistakes. No Turnovers.

In the battle of QUARTERBACKS, Tannehill went 17-26, 223 yards, 0TD’s, 0INT’s, 92.3 Passer Rating (Highest to date). He looked SHARP, making good decisions, and was mistake free. Check out his highlights here: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap1000000077843/Week-5-Ryan-Tannehill-highlights [6]

Look at this beautiful throw to Hartline: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/0ap1000000078271/QB-Tannehill-to-WR-Hartline-30-yd-pass [7]

Unfortunately, he was sacked twice, but otherwise he was moving around all day. Check out this throw he made to Charles Clay for 24 yards. While keeping his eyes downfield, Ryan was tackled around his legs, his body being shifted to the right and being bent like a BOOMERRANG as he threw off his back right foot. As he was coming down, his momentum made him fall into RT Johnathan Martin for good measure. http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000071774/Ryan-Tannehill-24-yard-pass. [8]

Dalton was being constantly being harassed by the front-seven of Miami. Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle dialed up the blitz often, and it resulted in 3 sacks. He completed 26-43, 234 yards, TD, 2 INT’s.

3) Nugent MISSES A KICK late rather Carpenter:

* It was Bengals kicker Mike Nugent, who hadn’t missed a FG all year and made 2 earlier, missed a 41 yd FG with 3:05 left in the game. That would have put the Bengals down only 1 (17-16). A 3 and out on defense, and instead of going for a TD to win, a FG would have done the job. But, Mike blew that. He pushed it WIDE-RIGHT, ala Dan Carpenter in last week’s game vs. Arizona. Carpenter missed a 53 yarder just left. But, he made a 46 yd FG to make the score 17-10.

In the battle of WIDE-RECEIVERS:

Brian Hartline had 5 catches, 49 yards, 0 TD’s. He had some great catches in TRAFFIC, and when the needed a big catch, he caught it. He had a catch of 30 yards as well.

A.J. Green had 9 catches, 65 yards, TD (which was a beautiful over the shoulder catch in the end zone). Green was BLANKETED by Sean Smith day.

Reggie Bush joined the party today despite some minor effects of his hip and knee injuries. That didn’t stop him from this beautiful 13 yard TD run in the 3rd quarter to go up 14-6. See for yourself: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000071783/Reggie-Bush-TD-run [9].

For most of the day, he was being stopped for negative runs. He couldn’t do his normal cutbacks. The Bengals knew he would being running today, but the one time they didn’t stop him; he took to it to the house. His line: 19 carries, 48 yards, TD; 2 catches, 24 yards. I PREDICTED IN THE PREGAME BLOG, he would SCORE a TD!!

Other notes:

- Newly Acquired WR Jabar Gaffney was inactive today. He wasn’t up to speed completely with Tannehill.

- Charles Clay made a BLUNDER that could have been CATASTROPHIC with 2:00 minutes left in the game, when on 3rd and 8, he caught it and instead of staying in bounds, he went out of bounds stopping the clock. He should have known to stay in bounds, then more time would have come off the clock. But, fortunately Jones picked off Dalton to seal the win..

- According to http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=321007004 [10]; The Dolphins haven’t allowed a 100-yard rusher for 19 consecutive games, their longest streak since 2002-03, when they went 20 games without allowing one.

Well, today they closed the game IN STYLE!! They did what they had to do to win. They went into the jungle and survived.

Next up: Home vs. the Rams.

All stats were provided by: http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=321007004 [11]







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