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We Interrupt You to Bring a Shifting of Power, Courtesy of James Harden

Posted By Mohamed Mohamed On Oct 28 2012 @ 2:13 am In NBA | 2 Comments

The following happened to your’s truly before Dork Elvis and Sam Presti decided to throw every blogger/ talking head a bone unlike most:

  1. I took a nap
  2. I woke up
  3. Ate
  4. Went to School
  5. came back and slept

Sorry about that, I got my weekday timeline mixed with what I did a few hours ago. Anyway, I was flipping channels when I checked my phone, went on twitter, and saw this tweet from @WojYahooNBA ”Rockets send Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and future draft considerations to the Thunder for Harden sources tell Y! Sports.” Whaat, is that it? That’s f***** insane! I’m going to just start typing and hope it turns into something coherent.

Winner: Dork Elvis (Darrell Morey)

Guess who’s back, back again. Elvis back, back again! The power of Dork Elvis never cease to amaze me. He was in a rut after a mediocre summer splash. He let Kyle Lowry go for a first round pick, and he overpaid for Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik. I thought he was running out of juice, I clearly was wrong, and there’s a reason why I’m not a GM. I’ll never ever doubt Darrell Honalulu Abdul Morey again

Winner : Royce White:

The most fascinating pick from the 2012 NBA Draft gets to play with one of the most fascinating players overall in the NBA. More importantly, White and Harden now are by far the most deadly, bearded 1-2 combo in the NBA. Who doesn’t win?

Winner: Kevin Martin:

Let’s get this out of the way, to the people that think that Kevin Martin will fill the void that James Harden left, you people need to be electrocuted right on spot. I like Kevin Martin. He can shoot, he can score, he’s got by far one of the weirdest shooting forms I’ve seen in a long time, and doesn’t need the ball in his hands all the time. That being said, the guy can’t play D, he’s not a great passer, and he’s played in 6 playoff games in his eight year career. However, he gets to play with Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka. He’s in a contract year, so you know he’s going to give a s***, and he’s going to be the third option on a title contender. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he’s got it pretty good right now.

Loser: Small Market Teams in the Future

Congratulation OKC, you’ve basically told every small market team “hey even though we were making revenue and currently have a team that will at the very least be something along the lines of the 1990′s Indiana Pacers, we can’t afford to keep three max guys on our team.”

Winner: Kevin Mchale

Here was what Kevin Mchale would have had to deal with before the Harden deal:

  1. Kevin Martin (contract year)
  2. Jeremy Lin (still not 100% even though it’s been 7 months)
  3. Omer Asik (nobody knows how he’ll handle heavy minutes)
  4. Royce White
  5. Terrence Jones (inconsistent motor in college)
  6. Jeremy Lamb (poor man’s Kevin Martin)

Translation, “why do I deserve this? Why me? I played through the 87 NBA Playoffs with a broken ankle. I had to put up with Larry Bird on a consistent basis. I personally gave the Celtics the 2008 NBA championship by accepting 60 cents on the dollar for KG. What did I do to piss you off god!” Now, he gets to work with a core of James Harden, Jeremy Lin, Royce White, and Omer Asik. I usually don’t advocate for gambling, but… I would seriously think of taking the over on the over/under win total on the Rockets.

Loser: OKC Fans

I feel bad for them. After supporting this team since that slime Clay Bennett stole the team from Seattle, they’ve done everything well. The team had a sense of an Eff You type of year, and now all of the sudden, they’ve got this void in their hearts. They loved that guy. He was arguably their second most favourite player after Durantula. Remember how close that got last season.

Now, they could be potentially throwing away a chance at being a potential dynasty just because they wanted to be fiscally responsible. I think this is a good time to point out that this team has never paid the luxury tax, put forth an exciting, likable contender since 2010, and generated $24.5 million in operating income according to Forbes revenue numbers. To basically say to your fans “ya we can’t pay the luxury tax even though small markets such as Cleveland (08-10) and San Antonio (2009) did” is just a slap in the face. I love Sam Presti, and I don’t totally blame him here for what he had to do, just know that the last time a young team that was on the verge went against paying the luxury tax to keep the team (2005-08 Phoenix Suns, thanks to Robert Sarver), that team slowly but surely began to crumble. Joe Johnson broke his nose in 05, Amare had micro-fracture surgery in 06, Big Shot Rob hip-checks Nash in 07, Duncan hits an improbable three in 08, and Kobe finished what was left of the Run and Gun Suns in 2010. I hope the OKC brass goes to sleep knowing the potential consequences they put forth. The Thunder did what they had to do, and Harden did the same. Let the NBA Season begin.


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