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Can the Dolphins WIN their Clash with the Titans???

Posted By Daniel Saviuk On Nov 9 2012 @ 12:12 am In Miami Dolphins,NFL | No Comments

The HALFWAY POINT is here for the Miami Dolphins and the rest of the NFL.

Dolphins are 4-4!!! In 3 of those games, they have lost by EXACTLY 3 POINTS!! They could have EASILY won those games. 2 of those were in OVERTIME!!

Dolphins schedule:

Game 1 at Texans = Loss 10-30
Game 2 vs. Raiders = Win 35-13
Game 3 vs. Jets = Loss 20-23 (OT)
Game 4 vs. Cardinals = Loss 21-24 (OT)
Game 5 at. Bengals = Win 17-13
Game 6 vs. Rams = Win 17-14
Game 7 at. Jets = Win 30-9
Game 8 at. Colts = Loss 20-23

Here are some of the stats and analysis of stars of Miami:

QB Ryan Tannehill, 8th pick of the NFL Draft, has PLAYED WONDERFUL in his 8 games. What a MATURATION of this MAN!! He has showed POISE, CONFIDENCE, INTELLIGENCE, AND PLENTY OF SKILL in his first 8 games.

Look at his numbers:
142-241 (58.9%), 1762 yards (7.3Avg), 220.3 yards per game, 5TD’s, 6INT’s, 4 Fumbles, 1 FUMBLE LOST, 15 sacks, 78.2 QB Rating.

RB Reggie Bush.
Before the season started, Bush EMPHATICALLY STATED, “HE WANTED TO LEAD THE LEAGUE IN RUSHING!!!”. Bush’s year started off well, but then he got hit in the left knee in Week 3 against the Jets, and has not been the same since. He hasn’t hit the century mark (100 yards), since Week 2. He has made some NIFTY RUNS, but has also been stopped plenty of times.

Look at his numbers: (CURRENTLY RANKS 16TH in RUSHING):
122 carries, 534 yards, 66.8 yards per game Avg, 4.4 yards per catch, 4 TD’s, 2 Fumbles, 1 Fumble Lost; 20 catches, 171 yards, 21.4 yards per game Avg, 8.6 yards per catch, 0 TD’s.

WR’s Brian Hartline and Devone Bess have been Tannehill’s GO-TO-GUYS in the PASSING GAME. These guys work hard and RARELY DROP A PASS. Critics have said, “The Dolphins LACK a true NUMBER 1 receiver.” Well, from what I have seen, Hartline is PROVING CRITICS wrong. He is the Dolphins’ main man, and Bess is CLUTCH on 3rd downs or when a catch is needed to keep the driving going.

To overcome what Hartline went through to be the Dolphins’ MAIN THREAT, is TRULY AN ACT OF GOD I truly believe!!

This is a GUT-WRENCHING STORY (PARDON THE PUN): http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000074634/article/brian-hartline-took-painful-path-to-become-nfls-leading-receiver [1].

One sleepless night after Hartline’s painful flight June 10, he crawled to the elevator of his condo building, managed his way to his car and drove to Broward General Hospital, where he’d have his appendix, complicated by gangrene, removed immediately. He wouldn’t leave for 12 days. And he’d lose 25 pounds in the process.

You see, Hartline didn’t just have his appendix removed four months before the start of a contract year. He also suffered a batch of complications that completely shut down his digestive system. He also suffered a calf injury on the first day of training camp, a result of improper healing of a previous injury because of his bed-ridden hospital stay. It caused him to miss the entire preseason.

The pain led to medicine. The medicine led to complications. And complications resulted in ileus, a complete blockage of Hartline’s intestines. For 12 days, Hartline couldn’t eat as much as a Popsicle without throwing up.

“It was to the point where my stomach wasn’t even processing my bile, so I had to put a tube down my throat,” Hartline said. “Every 24 hours, I was emptying 600 CCs of bile from my stomach (the equivalent of a 20 oz. bottle of soda).”

Here’s what doesn’t make sense:

“A week before the season started, my toe nails were falling off, which happens to guys a week into training camp,” Hartline said. “I had ‘camp legs,’ and the season was about to start. I’m only now just really getting my legs under me.”

Two months ago, shortly before he pulled his calf muscle on the first day of camp, Hartline didn’t even have the endurance to run a full lap around a football field because of his medical situation. Now, he is atop of the RECEIVING CHARTS.

Look at the numbers for Hartline and Bess.

Hartline = 41 catches, 662 yards, 16.8 Avg per catch, 82.8 yards per game, TD
Bess = 38 catches, 483 yards, 12.7 Avg per catch, 60.4 yards per game, 0TD’s

Cameron Wake (The SACKMASTER).
In the offseason, the Dolphins rewarded Cameron with a 4 year/49million dollar contract extension. Wake over the last month, has been a ONE-MAN SACK MACHINE. It all started in a loss to the Cardinals, where he sacked Kevin Kolb 4.5 times. Since then, he recorded a sack in each game since.

His numbers = 8.5 sacks (same total as he had of all last year), 27 total tackles (21 Solo and 6 assisted).

All stats came from: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/mia/stats [2]

This week, the Dolphins face the Tennessee Titans, who are coming off a SEVERE BEAT-DOWN at the hands of the Chicago Bears in their house (51-20). The Titans got EMBARASSED BIG-TIME. The Bears just MAN-HANDLED the Titans on both sides of the ball.

This week though, the Titans get their STARTING QUARTERBACK BACK, SECOND-YEAR PRO Jake Locker, who hasn’t played a game since Sept 30 because of an injury to his non-throwing shoulder (his left shoulder).

The Titans are (3-6), but they are ALWAYS PROVIDE A CHALLENGE because of ONE MAN, Mr. Y2CJ, better known as Chris Johnson. He got the nickname Y2CJ, because he was the last guy to rush for 2000 yards in a season. He did that back in 2009-2010, when he rushed for 2006 yards that season. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/players/8801/career [3].

Johnson is a HANDFUL for any defense. He has SUCH AN INCREDIBLE BURST OF SPEED AND INCREDIBLE VISION. You can rest assured that Defensive Coardinator Kevin Coyle has made STOPPING JOHNSON a MAJOR PRIORITY. The Dolphins’ run defense currently ranks 3rd against stopping the run. http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/_/name/mia/miami-dolphins [4]

Locker is coming into the game knowing Miami’s PASS DEFENSE is VERY SUSPECT. Last week, Andrew Luck ABSOLUTELY SHREDDED Miami’s secondary to a tune of a ROOKIE-RECORD 433 yards and 2TD’s.

I would think that the defense won’t let happen again. Plus, they know Locker is getting back from an injury. It doesn’t take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to FIGURE OUT, that an injury is a BULLS-EYE for an DEFENSIVE PLAYER. Cameron Wake and co. are probably SALAVATING AT THE MOUTH to get to Locker and take him down.

My keys to the game:
1) Run Reggie, Run Reggie Run!! Give him the ball, and TURN HIM LOOSE!!! Bush needs a MONSTER GAME like he did in Week 2 against the Raiders. The Titans are PATHETIC against the run. They give up 141.6 yards a game (which ranks 30th in the league).
http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/_/name/ten/tennessee-titans [5]

2) Take shots downfield. The Titans defense can’t cover anyone. The pass defense gives up 272.7 yards a game (which ranks 27th in the league).
http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/_/name/ten/tennessee-titans [5].

3) Protection, Protection, Protection. Last week, Tannehill was hit pretty hard because the protection was horrible. All-Pro OT Jake Long better bring his A-game.

4) Get to Locker!! The front-seven needs to make Locker uncomfortable in the pocket, so that way turnovers can be forced.

5) CB’s (ESPECIALLY SEAN SMITH and NOLAN CARROLL), need to not give up big plays. The Titans have a SOLID RECEIVING CORPS in Nate Washington, Rookie Kendall Wright, and TE Jared Cook

6) STOP CHRIS JOHNSON. Johnson is an INCREDIBLE runner, and the FRONT-SEVEN better step up and tackle him. He can make people miss.

7) Special Teams. Olivier Vernon, who has 2 blocked FG’s in the last 2 weeks, along with Marcus Thigpen, kick-off return specialist, Punter Brandon Fields and Kicker Dan Carpenter should play a major role in the game.

As always, I believe the Dolphins will RIGHT THE SHIP and win this week (31-10).

I believe Tannehill will do AWESOME (23-29, 310 yards, 3TD’s, 0INT’s); Bush goes off (25 carries, 150 yards, TD; 5 catches, 55 yards); Hartline plays BIG TIME (10 catches, 110 yards, TD).

Go Dolphins!!!

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