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A Titanic Beatdown of the Dolphins at the hands of the Titans!!

Posted By Daniel Saviuk On Nov 12 2012 @ 12:50 am In Miami Dolphins,NFL | 1 Comment

BEATEN, BATTERED, BRUISED, EMBARASSED, MORTIFIED; Words that seemingly describe the Miami Dolphins day against the Tennessee Titans at home in South Florida.

The Dolphins were EMBARASSED to the drubbing of 37-3. After the game, these words were echoed:

Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill [1] said he was “embarrassed” by the Miami Dolphins [2]‘ 37-3 loss at Tennessee on Sunday at Sun Life Stadium.

He wasn’t alone.

Teammates used the same word to describe the Dolphins’ worst regular season loss since a 41-0 beating at Indianapolis in 1997. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-dolphins-titans-1112-20121111,0,6719030.story [3]

Here is another way to look at this embarassing loss and it comes with a funny clip:

If you’re old enough to know the Benny Hill theme song then you’ll understand the irony of the Sun Life Stadium [4] PA crew playing it before the Dolphins [2]‘ first offensive possession of the fourth quarter.

The hokey, looney music, which personifies comedic dysfunction actually portrayed how the Dolphins played in Sunday’s embarrassing loss to a mediocre Tennessee Titans [5] team.

http://youtu.be/iAiq1xKF38k [6]. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/dolphins-blog/sfl-dolphins-look-dysfunction-in-loss-to-titans-20121111,0,4714541.story [7]

It was ugly. It was the most lopsided home loss for the franchise since 1968. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-hyde-miami-dolphins-1112-20121111,0,4404507.column [8].

It ranks as the second-worst in Miami’s franchise history.

Worst home losses,
Dolphins history

Date Score Opponent
1968 48-3 Chiefs
Today 37-3 Titans
1967 41-10 Oilers
1966 29-0 Bills
– ESPN Stats & Information

http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=321111015 [9]

“This is the worst game, by far, we have ever played as a defense and as a team,” Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby [10] said. http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/50637/dolphins-cannot-pass-maturity-test [11]

They were supposed to be SHRED the Titans’ PATHETIC Pass and Run Defense. That didn’t happen, it was just the OPPOSITE!!! Nothing went right for the Dolphins. It was the Titans, who made the plays and whose defense made the Dolphins SICK!!

Here is the UGLINESS:

1) Ryan Tannehill, today downright AWFUL!!!. He knows it and said it right here: “I didn’t play well,” Tannehill said. “We didn’t play well as a team.” http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-dolphins-titans-1112-20121111,0,6719030.story [3]

He finished 23-for-39 passing for 217 yards and no touchdowns. He threw 3 INT’s (1 for went for a 49 yard TD). He ended with a passer rating of 42.4, his worst performance since he posted a 39.0 in the season-opening 30-10 loss at Houston, his other three-interception performance. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-dolphins-titans-1112-20121111,0,6719030.story [3]

Tannehill hadn’t committed a turnover in 108 straight passes, ended his streak against the Titans. The Dolphins rookie quarterback threw three interceptions, and they were all bad.  http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/dolphins-blog/sfl-dolphins-look-dysfunction-in-loss-to-titans-20121111,0,4714541.story [7]

Here is his day in a video: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000093101/WK-10-Ryan-Tannehill-highlights [12]

Ryan Tannehill [13] was 19-of-31 for 162 yards and all three interceptions on throws less than 10 yards downfield. Tannehill reversed a trend for the Titans defense, which had been among the league’s worst at defending short throws.

Titans Defense vs Passes 10 Yds or Fewer, This Season

1st 9 Gms Sunday
Comp-att 77.3* 61.3
Yds/att 6.2 5.2
TD-Int 10-0* 0-3
1st down pct 34.3 19.4
*Worst in NFL

http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=321111015 [9]

2) Chris Johnson (“Y2CJ”) ABSOLUTELY RIPPED THE DOLPHINS’ RUN-DEFENSE APART: Chris Johnson [14] and Tennessee’s offensive line pummeled Miami’s proud, run suffocating defense, ending a 22-game streak where a tailback hadn’t rushed for 100-yards on the Dolphins. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/dolphins-blog/sfl-dolphins-look-dysfunction-in-loss-to-titans-20121111,0,4714541.story [15]

Ben Tate did it in Week 2 of last season. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1405294-how-do-the-miami-dolphins-fit-into-the-playoff-picture-after-week-10#/articles/1405002-titans-vs-dolphins-miamis-biggest-winners-and-losers-from-nfl-week-10/page/2 [16]

His stats were INCREDIBLE: 23 carries, 126 yards, TD.

He had an INCREDIBLE 17 YARD TOUCHDOWN RUN as seen here: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000092777/WK-10-Can-t-Miss-Play-Johnson-jukes-for-TD [17]

3) Jake Locker, returning from his left shoulder injury, performed SOLID: 9-21, 122 yards, 2TD’s, 0INT’s, 1 sack, 93.8 QB Passer Rating. Also, 4 carries for 36 yards.

He showed some HOUDINI MAGIC on some of his runs as seen here: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000093146/Titans-vs-Dolphins-highlights [18]

4) Reggie Bush, in the 1st quarter, made a 15 yard run, but was STRIPPED for a fumble. That led to a TD, and was benched by head coach Joe Philbin [19]. The Dolphins rushing attack looked lethargic all game, with and without Bush. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/dolphins-blog/sfl-dolphins-look-dysfunction-in-l [20]oss-to-titans [20]

After the game, Bush had this to say: “I didn’t deserve to be back in the game,” Bush said. “I fumbled the ball, and I’ve had two fumbles lost this year so I’ve got to do a better job
protecting the ball.” http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-dolphins-titans-notes-1112-20121111,0,660910.story [21]

5) Tennessee was 8-for-17 (47 percent) on third-down conversions. Miami’s defense has now allowed 21-of-36 (58.3 percent) of third downs to be converted into first downs in the last two weeks.

The Dolphins were No. 1 in the NFL [22] in third-down defense two weeks ago at 26.4 percent. Last week they were No. 4 at 32.8 percent. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-dolphins-titans-notes-1112-20121111,0,660910.story [21]

6) Penalities were big problem today. Guard Richie Incognito [23] was benched for a few plays after he committed an unnecessary roughness penalty in the second quarter. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-dolphins-titans-notes-1112-20121111,0,660910.story [21]. Overall: 7 penalities for 67 yards.

Despite all the UNGODLY UGLINESS TODAY; one POSITIVE came from today’s NIGHTMARE:

Brian Hartline had another SOLID GAME: 8 catches, 79 yards. He has established a new single-season mark for receptions with 49, eclipsing his previous mark of 43 in 2010.

Hartline’s 741 receiving yards are also a career best. Hartline’s 82.3 receiving yards per game are second-best in team history, trailing Mark Clayton [24]‘s 92.6 in 1984. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-dolphins-titans-notes-1112-20121111,0,660910.story [21]

I worked until 2:45 today and at 2:00, a customer showed me the score on his I-PHONE. It was 21-0 Titans in the 2nd quarter. I was in SHOCK AND COMPLETELY DUMBFOUNDED. I had the game taping at my dad’s house. I came home at 3:45 and they were losing 37-3. I decided just to watch the highlights (if any).

All week long, I read the Dolphins should whip the Titans. The Titans were coming off an embarassing loss to the Bears a week ago, so it should have been a good win for the Dolphins. The Titans were ready and hungry. They deserved to win. CREATING 4 TURNOVERS is great way to win football games.

The Dolphins came into last week’s game vs. Colts, holding a potential a WILD-CARD PLAYOFF spot. Well, last week, they lost. Now, starting the 2nd-half of the year, they LAY A BIG-TIME EGG. The playoffs could come, if they win and play better football.

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1405294-how-do-the-miami-dolphins-fit-into-the-playoff-picture-after-week-10 [25]

After the loss, Miami fell to 4-5 and lost another step in the wild card race. With a team that is still in the rebuilding process, if Miami wants to reach the postseason, it has to win games against weaker opponents.

As of now, the Dolphins’ hopes of reaching the postseason don’t look to bright. If they can overcome Sunday’s performance and have a winning record during the last seven games, Miami may still have a chance to sneak in.

It is still a long shot, but anything is possible. Miami’s future was looking bright going into the bye week, but some mistakes and poor performances now have them on the outside looking in.

Give credit to Coach Joe Philbin for RUNNING A TIGHT-SHIP. NO MISTAKES!!! This loss to Tennessee is another tough lesson for the Dolphins. The NFL is too competitive for a rebuilding team such as Miami to have major lapses in focus and concentration.

“We have to accept responsibility for the performance today,” Philbin said. “It’s not one person’s fault. It’s a team loss. … It’s not a finger-pointing game, but we obviously need to do better.” http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/50637/dolphins-cannot-pass-maturity-test [11]

The schedule doesn’t get any easier from here on out.

On Thursday, they play at night in Buffalo. Go Dolphins!!! It will be Tannehill Time in Buffalo..






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