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A Bitter Pill to Swallow as the Fins get BUFFALOED in Buffalo!!!

Posted By Daniel Saviuk On Nov 19 2012 @ 11:33 pm In Miami Dolphins,NFL | No Comments

Thursday Night PrimeTime!!

Time for Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins to get back to winning games and keeping their playoffs aspirations alive!!!

Unfortuantely, THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!

Turnovers, Questionable calls, and Questionable Play-Calling ended those HOPES; as the Dolphins lost 19-14.

It was a Special Teams Game in the 1st half. After the Dolphins went 3 and out on the 1st offensive series, Punter Brandon Fields punted to Punter Returner CB Leodis McKelvin of the Bills and the rest was history.

McKelvin, who is one of the BEST PUNTER-RETURNERS in the game, took it to the house, and that made NFL Great and NFL Network Analyst Deion Sanders give his SEAL OF APPROVAL. http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000095653/WK-11-Can-t-Miss-Play-McKelvin-takes-it-to-the-house [1] and here at: http://www.nfl.com [2]/videos/auto/0ap2000000095713/Dolphins-vs-Bills-highlights [2]

That got the crowd ENERGIZED for their beloved Bills. It took 0.22 seconds for the Bills to be up 7-0, after 1:30 off the game.

3rd possession of the game for the Dolphins, Tannehill throws a beautiful strike to Hartline for a 17 yard gain, but Hartline fumbles it and CB Jarvius Byrd recovers. Look here: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000095656/Hartline-fumble. [3] The Dolphins’ challenged it; because it did not look like Hartline really catch it and maintain possession of it. It could have gone either way. Unfortunately, it went the Bills’ way.

The Bills would go downfield and Kicker Ryan Lindell made the 1st of his 4 FG’s of the game.

Remember that game of “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!!!” Well, Marcus Thigpen did just that; As on the kickoff, he took it 96 yards for the Dolphins to make it 10-7 Bills in the 1st quarter. Watch this: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000095662/WK-11-Can-t-Miss-Play-Thigpen-strikes-back [4].

He got two blocks from Javorskie Lane and Olivier Vernon, and the REST WAS HISTORY. Once that lane opened “LIKE THE RED SEA”, he sailed RIGHT ON THROUGH.

From http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=321115002 [5]:

Thigpen and McKelvin scored 8:05 apart in the first quarter. The last time there was a punt return touchdown by one team and a kickoff return touchdown by the opposing team in the same quarter was December 1999 in a game between Washington and Detroit, according to STATS LLC. Washington’s James Thrash [6] had a 95-yard kickoff return, and Detroit’s Desmond Howard [7] had a 68-yard punt return in the second quarter.

That was the Dolphins’ 1st half. They couldn’t do anything on offense, until the 4th quarter. They had a total of 50 yards and 2 1st downs in the 1st half. With 0.15 seconds left and the ball on the Dolphins’ 4; Jimmy Wilson almost made an incredible diving interception. Just like previous games, Dolphins’ corners can’t CLOSE on an POTENTIAL INTERCEPTION. Lindell, would proceed to kick his 4th FG of the half (19-7).

Finally, in the 4th quarter, Tannehill got things going. It also helped that they got 40 yards in penalities on Bills (1 – 30 yd pass interference, 1 – 10 yd facemask). The Dolphins’ scored on a 2 yard pass from Tannehill to Devone Bess. What a beautiful throw and catch. Look here: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000095705/Bess-2-yd-TD [8].

At 1st, the referee called pass incomplete, but the Dolphins challenged it and the call was reversed.

The Dolphins stopped the Bills on their next possession, but Rookie Punter Sean Powell pinned the Dolphins at their own 1 yard line with 4:42 left.

So, 99 yards to go. Can Tannehill do it??

He tried too. On 3rd down and 2, he rolled left, and completed a 12 yard pass to Brian Hartline as here in the highlights: http://www.nfl.com [2]/videos/auto/0ap2000000095713/Dolphins-vs-Bills-highlights [2]

Then, after a 4yd run by Daniel Thomas. He threw an 8 yard pass to Anthony Fasano. Then, with 2 minutes left, he INEXPLICTIBLY threw an interception down the left side, which Jarius Byrd LITERALLY dove in front of Bess and picked off Tannehill at the Buffalo 35 as seen here: http://www.nfl.com [2]/videos/auto/0ap2000000095713/Dolphins-vs-Bills-highlights. [2]

2 things came across my mind at that point: 1) What the hell was that play-call? Bess is not a sideline runner. He catches ball over the middle. 2) What is Tannehill thinking, throwing the ball down the sideline?

Well, now the Dolphins had to get the ball somehow. They did just that!! The Bills ran 3 STRAIGHT RUNNING PLAYS (trying to run out the clock), and couldn’t get a first down. The Dolphins used all 3 of their timeouts and got the ball back at their own 16, with 1:24 left.

Can Tannehill complete his 1st Game-Winning Drive: The last drive can be seen in the highlights here: http://www.nfl.com [2]/videos/auto/0ap2000000095713/Dolphins-vs-Bills-highlights [2]

He started great. An 18 yd pass to Devone Bess, who caught and go out of bounds to stop the clock. Then, threw a 19 yd pass to Rishard Matthews (1st catch of his career). Matthews was 7th Round Pick out of Nevada this year.

Then the game ended in the next possessions. Ball at the Bills 47, Tannehill throws a beautiful strike down the right side to Hartline, but Hartline was called for OFFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE (10 yd penalty). Man! Oh Man! He pushed off, but that hardly ever gets called.

So back to the their own 43, and then it happened. Tannehill, who unfortunately has a TENDANCY to double-clutch as his throws; OVER SHOOTS Bess down the middle, and gets picked off by LB Bryan Scott. Ball Game!!!

Who knows what could have happened if Hartline doesn’t push off? That was the story of the game for the Dolphins.

Tannehill’s numbers were UNSPECTACULAR: 14-28, 141 yards, TD, 2INT’s; 46.9 Rating. Here was his day in his highlights: http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000095715/Week-11-Ryan-Tannehill-highlights [9].

Tannehill is really struggling as of late. You would think that after he played LIKE A HORSE’S REAR-END against the Titans, he would have come OUT and ASSERTED HIMSELF. I, also blame Coach Philbin and OC Mike Sherman, for not letting him do that. He is the leader of this team, he needs to get in that huddle and do what he feels is best.

The play-calling is HORRENDOUS. They hardly ever let him do anything. Let him roll out and throw. How about some screens? Or, how about a play-action fake, and throw deep. The game in which he whipped the Cardinals’ secondary is what he needs to be doing. Babying him, is ABSURD!!!

From http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=321115002 [5].

Ryan Tannehill [10] threw two interceptions inside the final 2:00 with his team down by one score. Tannehill owns the worst completion percentage (31.3, 5-16) this season among quarterbacks with at least 10 dropbacks in such situations. His two interceptions tie Drew Brees [11] and Kirk Cousins [12] for the most in the league.

I have a question and I think most Dolphins’ fans are wondering this too; I am changing some lyrics in this classic Eninem song, in regards to Reggie Bush. “WILL THE REAL REGGIE BUSH PLEASE STAND UP, PLEASE STAND UP?

Where are you, Reggie? The guy who said, “He wants to lead the league in RUSHING!”; is FAR, FAR, FAR, from doing that. The Bills who rank last in rushing defense, Bush could only MUSTER 20 yards on 10 carries. Mario Williams and co. SMOTHERED AND COVERED him like a PANCAKE!!

Give props to former Coach Dave Wannstedt. The Dolphins’ total offense for the game – 184 yards – was their lowest going back through at least the last two seasons.  It also was the lowest Wannstedt’s 30th-ranked defense held an opponent to this year. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-hyde5-ten-thoughts-on-dolphins-loss-to-bills-20121116,0,1227055.story?page=1 [13]

That Bills defense was dead last in the league on third-down conversions? The Dolphins didn’t convert a third down without a penalty until the fourth quarter. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-hyde5-ten-thoughts-on-dolphins-loss-to-bills-20121116,0,1227055.story?page=2 [14]

The Dolphins’ offense? No touchdowns for nine quarters until Davone Bess’ catch in
Thursday’s fourth quarter. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-hyde5-ten-thoughts-on-dolphins-loss-to-bills-20121116,0,1227055.story?page=2 [14]

Thank God for Bess and Hartline!! If it wasn’t for those 2 guys, Tannehill’s numbers would been worse. Bess caught 6 for 50 yards and a TD (his 1st of the year), and Hartline caught 4 for 49 yards and the questionable fumble.

Now, to the Defense! The defense for the most part held QB Ryan Fitzpatrick in check. He only for 179 yards, but was able to draw 5 Defensive Penalities (4 on Nolan Carroll and 1 on Sean Smith). Carroll held on to WR Donald Jones, as if Jones was ROBBING A BANK and trying to run of the door, but the door was closed. 4 penalities for 56 yards. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-hyde5-ten-thoughts-on-dolphins-loss-to-bills-20121116,0,1227055.story?page=1 [13]

At half, the Dolphins had more yards in penalties (54) than in offense (50).  Truth is, cornerback Nolan Carroll, who had three second-quarter penalties, accounted for nearly all that penalty yardage. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-hyde5-ten-thoughts-on-dolphins-loss-to-bills-20121116,0,1227055.story?page=2 [14]

The defense did struggle for most of the game to stop C.J. Spiller. Spiller has 22 carries, 91 yards, 3 catches, 39 yards. He was making cutbacks, running side to side. He is what Reggie Bush USED TO BE.

The defense? No turnovers in the last three games. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-hyde5-ten-thoughts-on-dolphins-loss-to-bills-20121116,0,1227055.story?page=2 [14]

Reshad Jones had a great night; 14 tackles and a forced fumble (Buffalo recovered) in an impactful game. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-hyde5-ten-thoughts-on-dolphins-loss-to-bills-20121116,0,1227055.story?page=1 [13]

Other tidbits:

Dan Carpenter missed a 50 yard FG late in the 3rd quarter. It went wide-right; right off the side of right goal post.

Karlos Dansby, playing with a torn bicep, almost had a pick 6, but like the secondary, he didn’t catch the ball.

From: http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=321115002 [5]:
Marcus Thigpen [15]‘s KO return for a TD is the first for the Dolphins since 2009, when Ted Ginn [16] Jr. had 2 in the same game against the Jets — 100 and 101 yards. Entering tonight, the Dolphins had 3 kickoff return TD over the past 20 seasons, the fewest in the NFL (now tied for fewest with Oilers/Titans and Buccaneers).
Fewest Kickoff Return TD Past 20 Seasons
Dolphins 4 *
Buccaneers 4
Oilers/Titans 4
* Includes 1 Tonight

In terms of scheduling, the Dolphins these last 3 games were considered the easier part of their schedule, because now; the MOOD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.

On deck: the Seahawks, the Patriots and 49ers. Teams that are fantastic. If the Dolphins are going to SALVAGE their season; it has to begin on Sunday.

Everytime, the Dolphins lose the turnover battle, they lose everytime. The Dolphins fought hard to the end, but it was no to be.

Can Tannehill and co. end their 3-game lose streak on Sunday? We shall see.

All stats provide by: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/boxscore?gid=20121115002 [17]











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