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The Curious Case of Andrew Bynum and the 76ers

Posted By Warren Shaw On Nov 22 2012 @ 4:28 pm In NBA | 5 Comments

What does one say about Andrew Bynum?

The better question is what do the Philadelphia 76’ers do with Andrew Bynum if he does indeed have season ending surgery on his rickety knees?

Both questions are riddles as mysterious as Bynum and the case with his knees seem to be.

A report surfaced earlier in the week that Bynum had suffered a setback injuring his other knee while bowling and now has “mirror image” injuries in both of his knees. That is pretty special, ironic, and sad for all parties involved.

Another report from a knee specialist (not Bynum’s specialist) came out diagnosing the All-Star center’s knees with Osteochondritis dissecans [1] which is joint disorder where cracks in the cartilage form causing fragmentation to the bone. Nothing about that sounds pleasant. Keep in mind that the specialist is only going on what he has heard about Bynum’s problems so far and has not seen an MRI. Nonetheless the report is causing inquiring minds to wonder what is really up with Bynum’s knees as the Sixers have been rather hush just saying he is out indefinitely.

Bynum hasn’t hid from the media during this process [2], not that a man 7 feet tall and near 300 pounds could exactly hide but he has been very forthcoming. That is about the only thing one can credit it him for. Most of the time he comes across as if his injury is no big deal with only slight hints of frustration. I don’t think he should be in a tirade cursing and pouting but he just seems a little too content. At this point in the process I guess that’s all that can be expected.

I am sure he doesn’t want to be hurt and the Sixers would like it if he was actually playing and earning the almost $17 million they are paying him this season.  But if he is shut down for the year what do they do with him during free agency? Bynum is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and if he doesn’t play a single game in the city of Brotherly Love this year, I don’t see how the Sixers can justify giving him a max contract for the next 5-years starting this summer.

The problem is if they don’t pay Bynum somebody will. Bynum is too talented when healthy for another team to not take a chance on and he will not be looking to give anybody a discount especially since he is only 25 years old.  Philly would only be left with the cross bearing contract of Jason Richardson after  mega-trade [3]that brought Bynum and Richardson there in the first place if Bynum went to another team.  They will have to figure out if that is worse than owing nearly a $100 million to a player who may be off the court more than he is on it over the next 5-years.

[4]The Sixers are in a position that no other team is envious of but all are watching to see how it will play out, especially those with cap room next summer. Teams need players to play and while that may seem like an obvious statement I just don’t think Bynum cares one way or the other.

But that’s what makes Bynum so curious…you can’t really tell one way or another.

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