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The Fins send the Hawks back to sea as they win in Grand Style!!

The Fins send the Hawks back to sea as they win in Grand Style!!

WHAT A DAY!! WHAT A DAY!! What a day for the Dolphins!!!


In the battle of FRANCHISE ROOKIE QB’s and GOOD FRIENDS, Ryan Tannehill beat Russell Wilson.

Ryan Tannehill gets his 1st 4th QUARTER GAME-WINNING DRIVE; as he marches his team downfield with 1:32 left and Dan Carpenter FINISHES IT!! Just SO AWESOME to watch. Hopefully, this will be the 1st of many more..

They keep their playoff hopes alive!!!!!!!

They also got a fortuante ROUGHING THE PASS CALL early in the 4th quarter, which negated an interception by the Seahawks in the end zone.

If anyone read my preview blog; The Dolphins followed MY KEYS TO THE GAME to a TEE!!

The 4th quarter was VERY ENTERTAINING AND GUT-WRENCHING to watch:

Here is the 4th quarter, with the Dolphins down 14-7.

These highlights package show the highlights of the 4th quarter: and

Dolphins stop the Seahawks drive and get the ball back.

A 4:06 drive later starting on the Dolphins 18: they score on Daniel Thomas 3 yard run. The drive started with Tannehill connecting with Charles Clay (who had a big day) for 18 yards, and also connected with Davone Bess (who had a MONSTER DAY), for 39 yards. Marlon Moore would take a reverse and run 9 yards. 3 plays later from the Seahawks 7, Tannehill rolls out and throws an INTERCEPTION, but wait!! It was an UGLY THROW, as he threw across his body.

There was a flag on the play. Safety Earl Thomas hit Tannehill in the face as he was trying to knock down the ball. That is a PENALTY. Interception negated. Dolphins get it back and Daniel Thomas scores from 3 yards out.

14-14, but not for long. On the kickoff, the Seahawks return specialist Leon Washington, took it 98 yards to put the Seahawks up 21-14. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My heart was racing at that point, but I had a feeling this was far from over.

Dolphins get it back with 7:54 and all it took was 2:41 seconds to tie it at 21. The drive started at the 20. 1st play of the drive, Reggie Bush runs 22 yards down the right sideline. Then 2 plays later, 3rd and 7, Tannehill connects with Thomas for an 18 yard pick up. Bush,then runs 8 yards to the Seahawks 29. Then Tannehill, on a play-action fake, connects with a WIDE-OPEN, “I MEAN WIDE-OPEN” Charles Clay!! Clay did a nice WHEEL ROUTE to get open and Tannehill threw a GORGEOUS BALL to him. Clay lined up in the backfield on the right side and wheeled around to get open. Tie game.

The Seahawks get the ball with 5:13 left hoping to start a game-winning drive. That didn’t happen. The drive started well, but once they got into Miami territory at the 40. It went backwards from there. 2:11 left to go. RB Robert Turbin got stuffed for a 1 yard loss. Then, Marshawn Lynch caught a screen-pass from a loss of 6. 3rd down and 17, the defense finally sacked Russell Wilson. Jared Odrick sacked him for a 2 yard loss.

They punt it and the Dolphins start have to start at their own 10 with 1:32 left. Tied at 21.

It starts with Tannehill throwing a 19 yard strike to Bess. Then, Tannehill runs up the middle for 15 yards. Trying to spike it, they get an 5 yard illegal motion penalty. Ball at their own 39, Tannehill connects with Bess for 25 yards. It was a great catch!!! I had to restrain my house from going nuts.

Then, an incomplete pass down the middle. Then, Tannehill connects with Clay on a 7 yard pass, which he gets out of bounds on the left sideline to stop the clock. Next play, Thomas runs it 4 yards up the middle and that setup this:

From the Seahawks 25, 0.03 seconds left, it is up to Dan Carpenter to win this game. I know his history this year of miss kicks. I felt CONFIDENT, he would drill it through the uprights. I was STANDING UP, with my HANDS CLINCHED. The ball is snapped and the kick is UP, UP, UP, UP and RIGHT THROUGH THE UPRIGHTS as TIME EXPIRES. I didn’t scream as loud as normal. I threw MY HANDS IN VICTORY!!!

Dolphins win in dramatic fashion 24-21 on Dan Carpenter’s 27th BIRTHDAY.–nfl.html.  With Dan Carpenter‘s game-winning kick, Seahawks opponents improved to 17 for 17 on field-goal tries this year. …–nfl.html

After the game, Safety Earl Thomas, Coach Pete Carroll and Tannehill had this to say about the roughing the passer call.–nfl.html

”I can’t stop in midair like magic,” Thomas said. ”The NFL, they need some goggles.”

Carroll called the penalty on Thomas questionable.

”He jumped up to block the pass and came down on the quarterback with no intent to hit him,” Carroll said. ”It was a very big call to make at that point in the game.”

Tannehill chuckled when asked about the officials negating his turnover.

”They were looking out for me today,” he said.

The Dolphins were great on both sides of the ball. The running game, especially Reggie Bush, came back and the defense stuffed Marshawn Lynch and showed up big-time late in the game.

Lets’ start with Ryan Tannehill:

Tannehill was so POISED and CONFIDENT. Despite throwing his 12th INT as seen here:;  he played FANTASTIC ESPECIALLY LATE in the game.

He showed how ATHLETIC he is on some of those runs he did. He was a WIDE-RECEIVER for 2 1/2 years at Texas A & M. His line today: 18-26, 253 yards, TD, INT, 97.1 QB PASSER RATING; 4 carries, 33 yards, long of 19. The Tannehill, which we Dolphins Fans have come to know and EMBRACE came back to us today after the last 2 games in which he was horrible. Look at these highlights:

How about the beautiful throw to Clay for 29 yards as seen here:

Today, Tannehill won his fifth start Sunday and passed Hall of Famer Dan Marino for the most passing yards (2,373) by a Miami rookie.

His teammate Mike Pouncey had this to say about him after the game from:

“With Tannehill back there at quarterback, we have so much confidence that he will win us the game,” Dolphins center Mike Pouncey said. “And that’s why, no matter what happens, we win or we lose, we’re always going to believe in him because he’s a great football player.”

Finally, the Dolphins’ coaching staff opened the playbook and we saw some plays we needed to see. I have been calling for some new looks and I saw it. Some play-action fakes, some shots downfield, and some roll-outs.


In my preview blog, I called out Reggie Bush. The Dolphins, especially Bush must have read my blog lol!! Because he came to play today.

Bush, who has been virtually non-existant the last few weeks, CAME BACK to us: His line: 14 carries, 87 yards, TD; a 21 yard run which can be seen here: That TD run looked like the old Reggie Bush. He had another 22 yard run in the 4th quarter.

Daniel Thomas, had his way with the Seahawks. His line: 9 carries, 60 yards, TD; a 3 yard run which can be seen here: He also had a big 18 yard catch in the 4th quarter as well.

Thomas and Bush combined for: 23 carries, 147 yards, 2 TD’s. That was against a VERY SOLID RUN DEFENSE.

“We said (we wanted) 200 yards, but we came up a little short.,” Bush said.,0,3888638.story

It was the DAVONE BESS AND CHARLES CLAY SHOW this afternoon:

What can you say about Bess?? He is SIMPLY MONEY IN THE BANK!! He caught BIG CATCH AFTER BIG CATCH ALL DAY. He caught 7 balls (12, 2, 23, 9, 39, 19, 25), 129 yards.  2 BIG-TIME CATCHES on the final drive. You can see some those catches in these highlight packages: and


Bess showed how the Dolphins took advantage of a Seattle defense that played eight in the box and one safety 25 yards off the line. Strange formation. And it seemed to go against what teams had effectively done in recent games of clogging the short passing lanes. On the final drives, though, the Seahawks played two-deep safeties.

“There were spots in the middle that were open,” said Bess, who had two catches of 19 and 25 yards on the final drive.

How about Charles Clay? He has had an UP AND DOWN YEAR, but today he was SENSATIONAL. 6 catches, 84 yards, TD; 29 yard strike as seen here:

He caught all 6 balls thrown to him. Some of those catches as in the Tannehill highlight package as seen here:

This was his BEST GAME BY FAR in his Dolphins’ career.

They didn’t need Brian Hartline today. Hartline had 2 catches, 17 yards. He was blanketed by CB Richard Sherman, who is a super cornerback.


The Dolphins’ run defense the last 2 weeks were shredded by Chris Johnson and C.J. Spiller. Today, they faced Marshawn Lynch, who is a BEAST..

Well, Lynch went nowhere today. 19 carries, 46 yards. They held the Seahawks to 96 yards on the ground. Russell Wilson had 38 of those on 5 scrambles.

They SACKED WILSON, during the Seahawks final drive.

Russell Wilson IMPRESSED ME today, with his accuracy and his mobility. Wilson’s line: 21-27. 224 yards, 2TD’s, 125.9 QB Passer Rating; 5 carries, 38 yards.  He had at one point 16 straight completions. He was scrambling out of the pocket. He threw ball very fluid. The Seahawks got themselves a FRANCHISE QB. Here are his highlights:

It was his buddy Tannehill, who put together the winning-drive though. On 3rd and 17 at the Miami 47, Wilson was SACKED BY JARED ODRICK. My fists were pumped.

Props to the Offensive Line:

The Offensive line who has been getting Tannehill killed lately. They only allowed a 1 sack on Tannehill today. Tannehill had plenty of time to go to work and lead his team. They opened lanes for Bush and Thomas. They were physical and it showed.

Props to the Secondary:

Other than an impressive catch by Golden Tate as seen in the Wilson highlight package as seen here:  The Secondary didn’t give up any big plays,committed no penalities and played solidly against Tate and Sidney Rice.

Linebackers Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett these comments after the game:

“Character is built through experiences like having a three-game losing streak,” Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby said. “[Sunday] showed our resolve. We played well and we came out and played together.”

“When you look at it, every game is a playoff game from now on,” Dolphins linebacker Kevin Burnett said. “Now is the time, and this is it. … We are tough. You have to play dang-near flawless to
beat us.”

Major props to Carpenter for drilling that kick. I know he had struggled on kicks throughout the year, but is was his birthday today and he won it!! Dead on PERFECT.


Dan Carpenter should be happier than an antelope with night vision goggles today.

Not only did he hit a game-wining field goal on his birthday, he also redeemed himself for a slew of missed field goals from this season.

Dan Carpenter cost the Dolphins a win in Week 3, missed another crucial field goal in Week 4 and nearly cost the team another win in Week 5. And, last week, he shanked a 50-yard try that eventually forced Miami to pursue a game-winning touchdown rather than set up for a game-winning field goal attempt.

I can’t forget to mention the odd scene midway through the 3rd quarter. The SPRINKLERS went off. It happened, just after Tannehill ran for 19 yards (his longest of the season) and had completed eight straight passes. The offense was moving. The ball near midfield. And then there’s a several-minute time-out for Seattle to re-group. Maybe it was nothing. But that’s not the time you want to kill the moment. Tannehill threw two incompletions after that and the Dolphins punted.,0,3888638.story.


Here’s the official explanation:

Official reason for sprinklers from the #Dolphins: There was a
computer glitch, and sprinklers were still set on the Saturday

Ben Volin (@BenVolinPBP) November 25,

Take a look here:

What a great game for Miami. Everything on my keys to the game were checked off. Now, they are (5-6) and next week, they face the New England Patriots at home. To be the best, you got to beat the best. That will be a high-scoring affair.

Go Dolphins!!!

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