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Can the Dolphins beat the BEAST OF THE WEST in the 49ers??

Posted By Daniel Saviuk On Dec 9 2012 @ 3:17 am In Miami Dolphins,NFL | 1 Comment

Sunday at 4:05 pm, the Dolphins (5-7) head west to face the 49ers (8-3-1).

Can the Dolphins beat the 49ers after losing a tough one vs. the Patriots.

As usual it falls on the shoulders of Ryan Tannehill.

The Dolphins need to let Tannehill just air it out and do his thing!!! He is really struggling as of late. From watching him week and week out, I am noticing a change in his demeanor. He is trying was too hard and he is getting frustrated.

As everyone knows by now, if you have heard me talk or read my blogs, I am 110% on the Tannehill BANDWAGON and am not afraid to speak my mind about his progression and his shortcomings. That is what I am TRUE FAN in mind does: HIGHLIGHT the good and the bad.

I am sure he knows what people are saying about him, “The Good and Bad!!” That has to be playing on his mind a little. He wants to be perform at the highest level every week and he is totally capable of doing that and we fans have seen that potential.

Sure, he his showing more of athleticism lately. That is great, because it adds more to his game; but he is the Quarterback. He is regressing somewhat from the guy who played so well up into the Colts game in Week 8. That could be attributed to the play-calling. I have said for weeks now; the play-calling is too conservative.

Memo to the coaching staff: If you want him to be successful, stop treating him like a child!!! Let him, HAVE FUN AND BE CAREFREE!! Remember the game at Arizona, when he SHREDDED the Cardinals Defense? That is what we need to see him do.

Sure, he got his 1st come from behind win against the Seahawks and he looked good doing it, but he didn’t play well against the Patriots. He missed too many throws.

If he comes out on Sunday, and plays what he is capable of; then Miami has LEGITIMATE SHOT at beating the 49ers.

It won’t be easy at all. The 49ers are NASTY!! When you have a SACK MACHINE in Aldon Smith, and 2 TACKLING MACHINES in ALL-PRO LINEBACKERS Patrick Willis and NaVarro Bowman, it is DAY AT THE OFFICE.

According to http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/stats/_/name/sf/san-francisco-49ers [1]; this dymanic duo have combined for 201 tackles. Bowman (108) and Willis (93). Both have an INTERCEPTION.

Tannehill better get the ball out quickly and efficently. These guys will hit you.

It isn’t easy playing the 49ers and Coach Jim Harbaugh will do everything in his power to make Tannehill’s life miserable. To make matters tougher, the Dolphins won’t have ALL-PRO LT Jake Long to protect Tannehill. Long suffered a torn left biceps muscle last week, so that brings us to our featured matchup:

Rookie LT Jonathan Martin vs. DE Aldon Smith, who has a league-leading 17.5 sacks.

Martin is now the left tackle because All-Pro LT Jake Long went down Sunday, with torn left triceps. Long is done for the year and his career may be over with the Dolphins. He is a free-agent this coming offseason, and maybe too expensive for Miami to keep.

Here is a great article written about how hard Martin’s preparation for opponents’ he faces. From: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/dolphins-blog/sfl-jonathan-martin-the-miami-dolphins-rookie-right-tackle-wants-to-eventually-play-left-tackle-he-gets-20121206,0,3928906.story [2]

On many days, after the Miami Dolphins [3] finish practice, Pro Bowl [4] defensive end Cameron Wake [5] and rookie offensive tackle Jonathan Martin [6] stay afterward and help each other study their opponent.

We’ve seen how much the extra work has helped Wake. He’s fourth in the NFL [7] with 11 sacks.

One thing is certain; Martin won’t back down from the challenge. “I want to be the guy who can go out there and lock my man down,” Martin said, “so that’s my goal every week.”

Those post-practice, one-on-one sessions with Wake aren’t new this week. They’ve been going on the entire season.

“(We’re) kind of working on things,” Wake said. “‘Hey, you know what? This week I’ve got a guy who likes to give the spin move. Why don’t we work on that?’

“And maybe I would say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a guy who is an outside puncher, help me out with that.’ We’re kind of working off each other so that, come Sunday, both of our jobs are a little easier.”

But it wasn’t always that way. Wake had to put the youngster in his place.

“The first couple of weeks coming in I had to show him the ropes a little bit,” Wake said. “Show him, ‘Hey, you know what? I don’t care what round you (were drafted) in. This is the big leagues. I’ll show you what I can do a little bit.’

“But now, it’s less of a competitive edge as far as working together trying to make each other better. I think that whole dynamic helps both of us on Sunday because I’m mimicking his guy, he’s mimicking my guy, and I think, like I said, at the end of the day that’s going to help our team overall.”

DE Aldon Smith is A FREAK OF NATURE!!!!

From: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/12/06/3129948_p2/nfl-preview-miami-5-7-at-san-francisco.html [8]

Niners linebacker Aldon Smith recorded his league-leading 17 1/2 sack of the season last weekend, tying Hall of Fame defensive end Fred Dean for the club’s single-season record. Smith’s 31 1/2 career sacks surpassed Reggie White for the most all-time by a player over the first two years of their career.

The 49ers have a solid offense and it is now led by Colin Kaepernick, who took incumbent starter Alex Smith’s job, after Smith went down with a concussion 4 weeks ago against the Rams.

In the offseason, Smith was highly-coveted by Miami. They offered 3 years at 24million, but returned to the 49ers with the same contract. Smith would have been the starter in Miami, and help teach Tannehill the ropes. Before the concussion, Smith was having a solid year: 157-217 (70%), 1731 yards, 13TD’s, 5INT’s; 29 carries, 134 yards. He also has been sacked 24 times. http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/stats/_/name/sf/san-francisco-49ers [1]

Enter Colin Kaepernick. The 2nd year QB out of Nevada is EXCITING and very hard to defend. Since entering the 4 weeks ago, the team is 3-1. Here are his stats: 69-106 (65.1%), 888 yards, 3TD’s, 1 INT; 40 carries, 298 yards, 4TD’s, 2 fumbles lost.

Kaepernick can run and throw on the move. Once he breaks the pocket, Karlos Dansby and company, better be ready to LAY THE SMACKETH DOWN on him. Because if not, then he will RUN LIKE THE WIND!!

The 49ers can RUN THE FOOTBALL, with ALL-PRO RUNNINGBACK Frank Gore and Kaepernick.

From: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/12/07/5039749/dolphins-to-face-explosive-rushing.html#mi_rss=49ers#storylink=cpy [9]

One of the Miami Dolphins’ strengths this season has been their ability to stop the run.

But on Sunday, Miami’s eighth-ranked run defense will face a team that will test its front seven, as the San Francisco 49ers enter the contest with the second-best rushing offense in the NFL. The 49ers are averaging 162.1 rushing yards per game, and the Dolphins are allowing just 97.7 yards per game.
Like most great rushing offenses, San Francisco features a skilled running back in Frank Gore, [10]who has run for 972 yards and is averaging 4.9 yards per carry.

As a whole, San Francisco is using its strong offensive line to average 5.3 yards per carry, and the team ranks second in the league with 51.5 percent of its rushing plays gaining at least 4 yards.

Now, to my keys to the game. They are the same as always.

On offense:

1) The 5 R’s = RUN REGGIE, RUN REGGIE RUN!! Give him the ball, and TURN HIM LOOSE!!! The 49ers give up a pedestrian-like 90.6 yards a game (2nd in the league). Bush needs the football in his hands, so he can take the pressure off Tannehill. http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/_/name/sf/san-francisco-49ers [11].

2) Take shots downfield. The 49ers’ pass defense is AWESOME (2nd in the league, a pedestrian-like 189 yards a game). http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/_/name/sf/san-francisco-49ers. [11] The play-calling has to be open to anything. Play-Action fakes, flea-flickers, roll-outs.

3) Protection, Protection, Protection. Got to keep him upright. Without LT Jake Long, Jonathan Martin better be ready for Aldon Smith, who is AWESOME!!!

4) No Turnovers!! Dolphins are 4-0 when they don’t turn the ball over. 1-7, when they break even or turn ball more than once.

Their 22 giveaways compared to 12 takeaways on the year puts them in a tie with the Tennessee
for the 27th worst differential in the NFL [12]. From: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1436059-dolphins-vs-49ers-10-keys-to-the-game-for-miami#/articles/1436059-dolphins-vs-49ers-10-keys-to-the-game-for-miami/page/5 [13]


1) Get to Kaepernick!! The front-seven needs to make Kaepernick UNCOMFORTABLE in the pocket, so that way turnovers can be forced. Kaepernick can hum it downfield and has SUPERIOR running skills. Can the Dolphins’ SACK MASTER Cameron Wake apply the heat and make life miserable for Kaepernick?

2) CB’s (ESPECIALLY SEAN SMITH and NOLAN CARROLL), need to not give up big plays. Kaepernick had been developing a SOLID CONNECTION with Michael Crabtree and TE Vernon Davis. For the year, Crabtree has 57 catches, 668 yards, 5TD’s.  Davis has 37 catches, 502 yards, 3TD’s.

These stats are provided by: http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/_/name/sf/san-francisco-49ers [11]

3) STOP FRANK GORE. The run-defense did a SOLID JOB AGAINST RIDLEY last week, until the final drive when they were on the field for over 7 minutes and Ridley ran all over them. Gore is ONE OF THE GAME’S BEST RUNNINGBACKS, and the Dolphins know they have stop him.

On Special Teams:

1) Punter Brandon Fields, if forced to punt; must pin the 49ers deep in their own territory. Last week Fields had a rough start. He muffed the punt, and that started the Patriots’ scoring for the day.

2) Kicker Dan Carpenter, has to make his FIELD GOALS. He has been SOLID over the last few weeks.

3) Marcus Thigpen has to the give the Dolphins’ good field position.

As always I predict, the Dolphins will win in a CLOSE ONE: 21-14!!! Tannehill goes 22-30, 275 yards, 2TD’s, 0INT’s; 5 carries, 40 yards. Bush goes for 20 carries, 90 yards, TD. Hartline (8 catches, 90 yards, TD) and Bess (7 catches, 70 yards).

Go Dolphins!!!

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