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An All-Star?? Who should have been? Who shouldn’t have been?

An All-Star?? Who should have been? Who shouldn’t have been?

So the All-Stars are all set.  From the starting line up to the bench, I will break down who got chosen and who should of been picked.



Starting Line Up:

PG- Chris Paul-From last season his assist per game are up (9.7 APG this year last year 9.1 APG) but his points per game are down (16.6PPG).  Leading his team to a 32-12 record.  The best Point Guard in the game right now? He deserves the starting spot.

SG- Kobe Bryant- From last season his points per game are up (29.2 PPG this year, last year 27.9 PPG) and Bryant’s assist per game are up  (4.7 APG) and steals are up as well (1.4 SPG).  I know his team is losing (17-25 12 In the West), but Kobe still deserves the starting nod for his individual effort.

SF- Kevin Durant-  He is putting up a better season then last as far as STATS go.  He is up in every category except rebounds.  Leading his team to the best record in the West at 33-10.  He deserves the starting job.

PF- Blake Griffin- With fans doing the voting here, I feel he should make the team but there are better players that should of made the starting line up instead of Blake Griffin. (David Lee, LaMarcus Aldridge).

Center- Dwight Howard- Only numbers that are up from last season are Blocks (2.5 BPG) the rest are down, some would say because of injury problems.  The fact that Dwight is playing the lowest amount of minutes per game at 34.9 MPG this year (lowest since 2009-10 season) is why he is playing so poorly, but which again could go back to injury as to why.  With numbers down and his team losing, the fans again give the name the note.  Instead of the performance.  In my opinion, even though he plays Power Forward Tim Duncan should of got the starting job at Center.

The Bench-

Russell Westbrook- 22.7 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 8.1 APG, Is there a more STAT worthy Point Guard in the league right now. No.  He is doing a stellar job at the Point and deserves the spot.

Zach Randolph- Has not been an All-Star since his first nod in 2010.  But while putting up close to 2010 STATS, do coaches and fans feel bad for not adding him as an All-star (as they should) earlier in his prime?  To me, his team mate Marc Gasol should of got the spot.

Tony Parker-  While putting up close to career average STATS except for scoring (19.8 PPG at this point, career average is 17.0 PPG) Parker should have been left off this year due to Stephen Curry.  Curry has a rise in every career STAT catorgey except blocks only down .1 percentage.  Boosting his PPG to 20.9 so far, way up from last year average of 14.7 PPG.  All while gliding his team to a 26-15 record 5th in the west.  A career year for him and playing well, why was he left off? Tony Parker does not deserve the spot over Stephen Curry.

David Lee- While his team mate was left off the team (Curry) it is nice to see David Lee start getting recognized as An All-Star type player.  David is putting up 19.6 PPG, 10.8 RPG and for a center, a highly 3.7 APG. His Second nod as An All-star.  David should of been starting at Power Forward but the fans voted the more famous name in (Blake Griffin).  David Lee deserves the All-Star spot.

James Harden- OH MY!  If it was not for Kobe Bryant as playing as good as he is, This man could of been a Starter.  With Vince Carter like numbers he has a career high in EVERY STAT category except for some shooting percentage and is averaging 25.8 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 5.4 APG.  He better have made the team!  Fans SHOULD vote him to a Starter spot next year if Kobe and company (the Lakers) keeps on the decline.  I put the should in CAPS because the more recognizable name will get the vote, as Howard and Griffin did this year.  Harden deserves the spot to this years All-Star team.

Tim Duncan- His team is playing very well 34-11 (second in the West) and Tim is playing extremely hard and has not played at this level since the 2009-2010 season.  At age 36 people thought he was on the decline.  Tim Duncan plays the Power Forward but he could and should of started for the injury much Dwight Howard, but none the less he deserves an All-Star nod.

LarMarcus Aldridge- Having a very solid year in all STAT Category’s. He deserves the All-Star spot.



Starting Line Up:

PG- Rajon Rondo- Having a Career year, team is playing around .500 ball.  But in the East of starting Points Guards, not much is better.  You could say Deron Williams, but only as of late is he playing like the real Deron Williams.  Now that the votes are already in Rajon Rondo got the nod.  He deserves the starting spot.

SG- Dwyane Wade- Although his numbers are down from career averages, he still is playing overall good basketball and he was still the smart choice by the fans.  He deserves the starting spot.

SF- Carmelo Anthony-  Having an MVP type of year.  The Knicks are winning again at a record of 26-14.  He deserves the starting job.

PF- Lebron James- Enough said.  Oh and his team is 27-12 and they are first in the East.  He deserves the starting spot. Now Enough Said.

Center- Kevin Garnett-  Yes, the fans got this wrong way wrong.  Not only should he not be starting, he should not have made the All-Star team.  KG is having Career lows (aside from his rookie year) in almost every single STAT category.  Two names who would of been better in the starting spot, Tyson Chandler or Brook Lopez both are playing better basketball but I will go into one name that did not make it.  Brook Lopez is playing better defense and rebounding at a better rate this year.  All while putting up 18.6 PPG and 7.4 RPG, 2.1 BPG all of which are better then Kevin Garnett.  Which I might add the Nets are winning (26-16) not playing around .500 ball (right now the Celtics are below .500 at 20-22)  and for Lopez to not make the All-Star team at all, Is something wrong here?

Move over Mr. Stephen Curry you have a friend in Brook Lopez who shares your pain.  Fans got this wrong. KG does not deserve the starting job nor should he be on the team this year.  Sorry your days are numbered Kevin Garnett if it were not for the fans you would of had an extended weekend.

The Bench-

Joakim Noah- With Noah beating his career averages in almost every category except field goal percentage and boosting his team to a 25-16 record (4th in the east) he with out doubt deserves to be an All-Star. Congrats on the first All-Star nod Mr.Noah.

Kyre Irving-  Although Kyre is a special player and having a career year.  He does not have the fame as a Kobe Bryant and his team is far more behind in the win column.  He does not deserve the spot.  Brandon Jennings deserves it over him.  Brandon is having just about a career year as well (except for scoring) and his team is playing better ball at 22-18 (7th. in the east).

Jure Holiday-  Jure is having an amazing year boosting his APG to 9.0 from last years 4.5 APG.  He also has a rise is almost every STAT as well.  But Monta Ellis does deserve to be mentioned putting up solid numbers but I do feel like the window is closing on Ellis to be an All-Star.  He does not deserve the nod this year over Jure Holiday but he needed to be mentioned due to his 18.8 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 5.5 APG.  Jure does deserve the spot and con grats on his first All-Star nod.

Luol Deng-  While Deng is playing solid ball and his team is playing well.  I feel the spot should of went to Josh Smith instead.  Smith is averaging career highs this season in PPG (18.8) and RPG (9.6).  While Deng is averaging career highs in APG (2.9) and MPG at (39.2).  Loul Deng did not deserve the All-Star nod this year over Josh Smith.

Tyson Chandler-  A walking double double (12.1 PPG, 10.9 RPG) his team would be not be where the are (Second in the east) with out him.  He deserves the All-Star nod.

Chris Bosh-  In my opinion Bosh got the coaches nod because his team is first in the east (27-12) but Chris is posting lower the career averages in almost ever STAT’s category.  Two others players who could of been in the talk for taking his spot?  One is J.R. Smith.  He is having a career year and boosted his PPG to 16.5  up from last years 12.5 PPG.  Also a nice jab up from last year, was his RPG this year at 5.0 RPG to last years 3.9 RPG.

Second is Joe Johnson, he is not having a career year, but so far Johnson has made three buzzer beaters to ice the game for the three wins.  He has scored 18 or more points in his last 8 of 11 games.  I would leave that up to the coaches of who to pick between J.R. Smith and Joe Johnson, but then again the coaches put Chris Bosh in this spot.  Chris Bosh does not deserve this year’s All-Star spot.  One of the two in Johnson or Smith should of gotten the nod instead.


Well there it is, my complete All-Star review, while much is left of the NBA season fans around the world will enjoy much of this February All-Star weekend.  Which is set to tip off Friday February 15 from Houston Texas.  Enjoy!








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