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Ugly, Horrifying, Mind-Blowing Loss to the Saints!!!

Ugly, Horrifying, Mind-Blowing Loss to the Saints!!!

It was Ugly!! It was Horrifying!! It was a Mind-Blowing Loss to the Saints on Monday Night!!!

Prime Time on ESPN, Monday Night and the Dolphins were overmatched by the Saints in the return of Coach Sean Payton to Monday Night.

Coach Payton was suspended last year for knowing and leading the charge in the Bounty Scandal, which got him suspended for a year, some coaches suspended, and some players suspended. The bounty scandal was about paying players to injure opponents for money.

Last year, the Saints went 7-9 without Payton. Now, 4-0 and his quarterback Drew Brees loves having him back. Monday night, Brees obliterated the Dolphins to a 38-10 drubbing.

Brees went an INSANE 30-39, 413 yards, 4TD’s, 0 INT’s, 144.5 QBRating. He SEVERELY OUTPLAYED his counterpart Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill went 22-35, 249 yards, TD, 3 INT’s, fumble lost, 57.9 QBRating. He had 4 carries for 48 yards.

All stats come from:

It was the Brees, Darren Sproles, Jimmy Graham and the Defense Show!!!!

I honestly thought Miami would win this game. Boy! was I wrong.. The Dolphins thought they were ready for prime time after their 3-0 start. Miami has not played on Monday night since its 38-24 loss to the New England Patriots more than two years ago. This loss to New Orleans was worse. It was, by far, Miami’s sloppiest performance of the season. They played careless football for four quarters with little attention to detail. Miami turned the football over four times.

I went with my wife to Beef O’Brady’s here in Deltona. As we walk in, I see Darren Sproles run for a 48 yard scamper to the Dolphins’ 31. I am thinking, the little guy is going to make us pay. Watch here:

I was right. 4 plays later. Sproles scores on 5 yard run. Watch here:, and

7-0 Saints. Okay, it is Miami’s turn to answer the bell.

Their drive look great until the end. Starting at their own 17, Tannehill finds Mike Wallace for 10 yards. Then Lamar Miller runs for 4 yards. 2nd and 6, Miller runs off the left side for 20 yards. He saw the opening and ran right through it, to their 49. Next play, Tannehill to Charles Clay for 5 yards. On the next play, Tannehill finally utilized his speed. Pressure coming, he kept the ball and ran for 26 yards to the Saints’ 18. I was fired up..

Miller, then on 1st down, ran 8 yards to the 10. 2nd and 2, he runs 1 yard to the 9, just missing the 1st down. So, now 3rd and inches.

I think the SuperDome and people around the world knew what the Dolphins were going to do next. They would stick to the run. Last week, the Dolphins’ on 2nd and 1 from the 1, Tannehill threw a beautiful lob to Dion Sims for the winner. Why not, try something else. I know they had success running the ball, but as my wife asked, “Why not, pass it?”

They didn’t. They lined up in the I-formation. Fullback Tyler Clutts behind Tannehill, and Daniel Thomas behind Clutts. They could have handed the ball off to Clutts. Shorter distance. Nope!!!! They handed the ball to Thomas, and he tried to bounce it outside and was STOPPED for -2 yards at the 11. Jon Gruden announcing the game, “DID NOT LIKR THE CALL!!” Watch the play unravel and listen here:

Thomas was stuffed by on the play by Nose Tackle Jon Jenkins. Excellent Penetration!! Dolphins settled for a Caleb Sturgis 34 yard FG.

What a BLOWN CHANCE to score against the Saints!!!!!!!! I was so UPSET and yelled, “Are you kidding me??”

Well, it was 7-3 Saints into the 2nd quarter.

1st drive for the Dolphins’ 2nd quarter, was a drive of missed chances. 1st play from the Dolphins’ 9, Tannehill throws a gorgeous ball down the right sideline for Wallace, and it hits him right between the 11 on his jersey. My hands were gripping my hat so tight. It was right there, how could not catch it??? Wallace, playing in his hometown with his older brother in attendance for the 1st time, must have been sick after missing it. Watch here:

Then, on 3rd and 6, Tannehill connects with Brandon Gibson for 28 yards to the Dolphins’ 41. Next play, Tannehill connects with Brian Hartline for 11 yards to the Saints 48 . On the next play, 1st and 15 (due to a penalty), from Dolphins’ 47, Tannehill breaks the pocket again, and takes off. Well, Tannehill has a knock for fumbling and he did it again. He should have slid after picking up 8 yards, but he tried to get more and didn’t secure the football as well as he could have. LB Curtis Lofton knocked the ball loose and it was recovered by CB Rafael Bush at the Saints’ 38. Another BLOWN CHANCE!!! Watch here:, and

Saints take over at their own 38, and made the Dolphins’ pay. On 3rd and 20, the Dolphins’ couldn’t stop Brees and Sproles. Brees connected on 21 yard screen play to Sproles all the way to the Fins 39. Just horrible. He was UNCOVERED and boom goes the dynamite. Watch here:

4 plays later, Brees connects with his buddy Jimmy Graham in TRIPLE COVERAGE for an ABSOLUTE SICK TOUCHDOWN from 27 yards out. Graham caught it in the air, batted it his hands and corraled it in the end zone over the outstretched arms of Rookie Cornerback Jamar Taylor (making his debut). Watch here:,, and

I was shouting, “NO, NO, NOT JIMMY GRAHAM!!!”. That was such an ATHLETIC PLAY!! Too bad, Taylor couldn’t knock it down. Brees is SO DAMN GOOD!!!!

14-3 Saints, but not for long.

6 plays into the next drive on 3rd and 9 from the Dolphins’ 43, Tannehill throws a beautiful screen-pass to Marcus Thigpen for a gain of 50 yards to the Saints’ 7. R. Bush tripped up Thigpen, because he didn’t, it would have been a TOUCHDOWN. Watch here:, and

2 plays later, on 2nd and 5 from the Saints’ 5, Miller takes the handoff and scampers in for 5 yards. Watch here:, and

14-10 Saints.

The Dolphins made the Saints go 3 and out. So, they get the ball looking to get more points, but Tannehill inexcusably throws on an interception, on pass to Hartline. CB Jabari Greer jumped the route and read Tannehill’s eyes and picked him off. By the time Hartline tried to break, Greer already stepped in front and picked it off. He ran it back 22 yards. Watch here:

So, the Saints on 3rd and 11 from the Dolphins’ 13; Brees connects again with Sproles, this time for a 13 yard touchdown. CB Nolan Carroll GAMBLED on the play, and failed. He tried to make the interception, but instead took a poor route to the ball and got burned. He should have tried to make a play on Sproles, not the ball. Watch here:,, and

21-10 Saints at the half. Too many mistakes and missed opportunities.

Now, the Dolphins have the ball once again to start the 2nd half. The Dolphins have had the ball to start the 2nd half in all 4 games, and have laid an egg.

Nothing happened, except another 3 and out.

Saints get the ball at their own 41, and off to the races again. Brees found his other GO TO GUY in Marques Colston. He found him 3 times (9, 13, 21) in a 8 play, 59 yard drive. That led to Brees finding FB B. Watson for a 4 yard touchdown. Watch here:,, and

28-10 Saints.

Dolphins go 3 and out and then it took one play for Brees to add more points.

From the Dolphins 43, Brees connects once again to Jimmy Graham for a 43 yard Touchdown to go up 35-10. Watch here:,, and It took 0.08 seconds. I was CRYING on the inside.

The last positive highlight for the Dolphins to start the 4th quarter, in an ATTEMPT to make a comeback; Tannehill throws a BEAUTIFUL 3 yard pass to Clay to make the score 35-17. Watch here:, and

That TD caps off an 9 play, 67 yard drive, which all started after Kicker Garrett Hartley missed a 43 yard FG left. Tannehill went 6-7, for 53 yards.

The Saints weren’t done. Their drive last 10 plays, 69 yards, 6:33 off the clock, and ended in a Hartley 29 yard FG. 38-17 Saints.

On the next drive, 2nd and 2 from their own 28, Tannehill tried connecting with Wallace, but Wallace didn’t make his cut properly, and Tannehill was picked off for the 2nd time at his own 43. This time it was Chris Carr. Watch here:

Darren Sproles fumbled at the Dolphins’ 3, trying to score again.

Then, to make matters worse for Tannehill, trying to get some more points near the end; he gets picked off for a 3rd time. His right arm got hit as he threw by DE Junior Galette. It was intercepted by Safety Will . Herring at the Saints’ 41. Watch here:

Brees took 3 kneels and BALLGAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!

Thank the Lord and the Shepherds!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t watch anymore.

After the game, Brees had this to say, “I felt like we found our rhythm,” Brees said. “Every time we touched the ball, it felt like we were going to go down and score points.”

“We like this a lot better,” Brees said of the 4-0 start. “Everything that could have gone wrong for us went wrong. Fortunately we’re having the ball bounce our way this year. We’re playing good football.” From://

Brees accomplished a whole lot during the game.. All from:

1) It was his 10th career 400th yard passing game, putting him into a VERY SELECT GROUP

Team Breesy

Drew Brees threw for 400 yards for the 10th time, the second-most games in NFL history behind Dan Marino (13) and the most in the league since 2006 — the year he joined the Saints.

Games Most recent
Drew Brees 10 Week 4 2013
Philip Rivers 5 Week 4 2013
Eli Manning 5 Week 1 2013
Matthew Stafford 5 Week 16 2012
Carson Palmer 5 Week 9 2012

2) During New Orleans’ opening drive, he became only the seventh quarterback to pass for more than 47,000 yards. He ended the drive with 47,030, surpassing Fran Tarkenton’s 47,003 for sixth most yards passing all-time.

3) His’ eighth completion gave him 4,124 in his career, one more than John Elway for fourth all-time in that category.

4) He was 20-of-27 for 295 yards and four touchdowns when the Dolphins sent 4 or fewer pass rushers. Coming into the game, the Dolphins had allowed 6.1 yards per attempt when sending a standard pass rush, third-best in the NFL.

Dolphins Defense, 4 or Fewer Rushers, This Season

1st 3 Gms Monday
Comp pct 55.7% 74.1% (20-27)
Yds/att 6.1 10.9
TD-Int 3-3 4-0


5) He was 8-of-10 for 201 yards and two touchdowns on passes traveling more than 10 yards downfield Monday, including 3-of-3 for 89 yards and 2 touchdowns when targeting Jimmy Graham. Graham now has a league-leading 4 touchdowns on such passes.  [-]

Jimmy Graham Deeper Than 10 Yards Downfield, This Season

NFL Rank
Rec 14 t-1st*
Yards 346 1st
TD 4 1st
*Tied with Julio Jones

Jimmy Graham had this to say about Brees: “He plays out of this world,” Graham said. “This team is so dynamic, we have so many weapons and Drew knows exactly where to go with the ball.” Graham had 4 catches, 100 yards, 2 TD’s.

Darren Sproles had 7 catches, 114 yards, TD, fumble; 4 carries, 28 yards, TD.

He recorded 95 yards after the catch Monday. Sproles has 190 yards after the catch this season, third in the league and first among running backs. Sproles has led all running backs in yards after the catch the last two seasons.


Darren Sproles Receiving, This Season

1st 3 Gms Monday
Yards per game 54.3 114
YAC per game 31.7 95*
TD 0 1

It was a rough night for Tannehill, 4 turnovers (3 INT’s, 1 fumble lost). He got sacked 4 times again. 18 on the year. Junior Galette, Martez Wilson, Cameron Jordan and Tyrunn Walker got a hold of Tannehill in the 2nd half.

He and Wallace were not in sync tonight. Wallace caught 3 balls for 24 yards (7 targets). He dropped 3 of them.

He found Hartline only for 3 catches and 36 yards (4 targets). His only miss was the interception.

He found success with Brandon Gibson for 6 catches and 71 yards (8 targets); and Charles Clay for 6 catches and 42 yards (scored the only receiving TD).

After the game, Tannehill said this: “We’re not happy. Obviously you don’t want to come out and perform like that,” Tannehill said. “But you look at it and there are things you can correct.”

Despite the loss, the Dolphins did outrush the Saints: 115 yards on 19 carries, as opposed to the Saints, who had 68 yards on 24 carries.

Lamar Miller ran the ball hard and very well. 11 carries, 62 yards, TD. I love his speed!!!!

The play by play came from:

It was Tough Loss for the Dolphins. They need to correct the turnovers and be more aggressive on offense.

Next up: The Reigning Super Bowl Champs, the Ravens!!!






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