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NFL’13 Cherry Picks W7: Nike’d

Posted By Steven Keys On Oct 16 2013 @ 12:15 pm In NFL | 2 Comments

Corporate Wampum

America’s getting Nike’d, and I don‘t mean “a really big shooooe (Sullivan).”

Due to the timing and tenor of the anti-Redskins celebrity crusade (lots of barbs hurled at the ‘pros’ but nary a smidgen of substance), there’s growing suscpicion that much of the outrage expressed might be orchestrated, that it’s lacking in a certain sincerity and has little to do with fighting racism or acting in best interests of American Indians.

It may be about one thing and one thing only: cha-ching!

Could seeds of discontent have been surreptitiously sown in our NFL garden of gridiron, hoping for a cash crop and making this a “fee-fi-(faux-fight)?”

Nike’s foot-prints are all over the place.

The Redskins logo has been debated for some time now, ever since PC’ers began taking down Indian sporting images in the 1980s. Reagan purged most vestiges of liberal policy when Carter got ‘October Surprised (Sick),’ but PC’ness seemed to rise-up from the progressive ashes like a toxic avenger, representing nearly no one but scaring the begeebers out of college trustees, corporate boards and political wind-gaugers.

Remind you of anyone…in the current Congress?

And Obamacare? That’s not liberalism. Any Act that aimed short of a single-payer plan (Clinton) is half-measure and keeps the greed in healthcare going, but now with sanction.

It wasn’t until this past year that anti-Redskins forces suddenly coalesced and started to sling arrows. DC City Council fired first salvo in the offensive, backed by a small House contingent (10), then pontificating media were drafted (Costas: Like his ilk, Bob prefers bludgeoning over backing-it-up)) and recently it found its way into the Oval Office.

All this just within a year’s time of the Oregon-based merchandising giant’s ascension to the powerful NFL properties post of uniform Czar (‘12). “How conveeeenient (Carvey).”

And why would Nike cause “troubles (in its) own (NFL) house?” Because it’s their M/O. Because it’s an agency for change ($), treating history & continuity like old shoes. It also stands best to profit if “Redskins” falls and, rather than “inherit the wind (Prv 11:29),” probably figures on a splashy, new logo unveiling in 2014-15.

Fans, on the other hand, at least those living beyond fantasy, need touchstones.

Players, coaches, even a city may change, but a logo is a grounding in sport (Colts), where creative-license & free thought had been afforded but are now snuffed in a world of increasingly inter-connected monopoly (Rollerball). Corporate communism, as it were.

Nike tipped their hand when alternative designs to the beleaguered DC moniker began popping up recently at various media sites, as if the change was a foregone conclusion.

Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s one “BIG coincidence (Elaine),” better yet, ‘If the shoe fits.’

The Renaissance Men

These men were either sitting atop or inching dangerously close to the career compost heap, but have been re-born, finding new life in their new digs or just dug a little deeper.

Andy Reid (KC): What a difference year makes. Lesson: Always maintain your bridges;

Sean Payton (NO): What a difference year makes: Lesson: Winning by the rules is better;

Ryan Brothers (Rex (NYJ) & Rob (NO)): Rex seems to be having some fun, for now, while little (?) brother’s winning weekly, unless Tom’s in the house;

Philip Rivers (SD): Not in early MVP talk but looking Pro Bowl-esque near midway;

Peyton Manning (DEN): Stellar return after late-career neck injury is comeback for the ages;

Dallas Clark (BAL): Another Colts castoff whose glove-less hands are a key in Flacco corps;

Josh Freeman (MIN): Table setting for former Pro Bowler to take reigns & show-up TB brass.

Cherry Picks Week 7

Seattle Seahawks (5-1) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-3): 10-17 NFLN 8:30 EST

Intra-division battles rock and NFCW is groovin.’ Pete’s plan clicks but Russ reverting to fear-flight (10-13-10R). Cards need some shuffling (16TO-3d% 32-TOP) but defense can stick (282T-16S-8INT), WR-corps fine and run good ‘nuff. AZ gets upset win.

New England Patriots (5-1) @ New York Jets (3-3): 10-20 CBS 1:00 EST

NYJ viable but work aplenty: O-S21, Geno TDr (7/11), Int-1 & Pen (429y); (+) Keep it simple: run solid, tackle (229), press (20S), GS allocates (7.8ypp) w/ poise (22R), Folk (13), F/L (2). Jets hungry (W2-L NE), enriching, Pats squeakin’ by and NYJ ekes win.

Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) @ Detroit Lions (4-2): CBS 1:00

Both seek serious contender-tag while DET looks for OH sweep (W6-CLE). If in Cincy, stout Bengals get nod but Lions home, talent edge ATB (QB), win and hold NFCN.

San Francisco 49ers (4-2) @ Tennessee Titans (3-3): Fox 4:10

Titan-esque D (8R /243T/ 18S) makes this cherry while 49ers build on 2nd-tiers. Kaep’s a pro-project but Ws up, runs down. SF does D too (9 /249/ 8I), is Gore-ing (4.6) and wins.

Denver Broncos (6-0) @ Indianapolis Colts (4-2): NBC 8:35 (GOTW)

Homecomings can be dicey but Peyton’s a pro. He’ll revel in it. Tough act for Andy, and as run-game middles. Colts keys: keep PM fumbly, avoid shootout. Nyet. Broncos win.

Steven Keys

NFL Hunch Line

Photo Credit: “Nike” / 1-23-12 / JorgeCR7 / wc.cca

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