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NFL’13 Cherry Picks W9: “Fire..Bad!”

Posted By Steven Keys On Oct 30 2013 @ 4:05 pm In NFL | 2 Comments


“Totally competitive.” That was Jerry Jones off-the-cuff take on Dez Bryant after the “passion(ate)” one suffered his team through an extended brat-a-thon in closing seconds of another Cowboys fade-out, this time in Detroit, losing a nail-bitter, 31-30.

I see Jerry’s point. Fire can be good, when it’s managed, controlled. Even Frankenstein knew that much. And though ‘mates & staff tried to control the Bryant blaze, when boss is AWOL, these fires can burn out of control, consuming any fertile feelings in its path.

Jason Garrett is from the hands-off school, low-key, let staff bear the brunt. It’s in sharp contrast to collegiate brow-beaters (Knight, Pelini, Maritn, Muschamp) and the oh-so-brave MLB’ers that berate umpires who can‘t fight back. But if coach is so detached he can’t intervene here (10 words would’ve sufficed) he might as well be up in the booth.

“Oh Look At Me Now!”

It was looking like the Blackhawks might never again hoist a Stanley Cup (‘61), before Bowmans and Joel Quenneville arrived in the City that Works;

Apart from score updates the Ducks were rare birds on college GameDay chatter before Chip Kelly, Nike® and the Oregon Board of Higher Education all teamed-up;

The Red Sox and Giants, like the Cubs, had been perennial bridesmaids in the wedding of team & title most of 20th c., then along came Epstein & Francona, Sabean & Bochy;

And then there are the Chiefs.

Their wins aren’t always pretty but then nothing looks more fetching than being 8-0 at the midway point (Wonder what Nike and PC storm-troopers have in store for this AFL original, something with talons or big sharp teeth, no doubt).

Nobody doubted Andy Reid’s abilities when he and Eagles parted ways. It was time for a change and nearly all agreed. But to turn a frustrated franchise like Kansas City into serious contenders practically overnight, a club that hasn’t seen a title-match since Hank Stram was “matriculating” in SB4 (‘70), well, that’s getting awful close to miraculous.

There’s still plenty a’ football yet to be played in topsy turvy 2013 and the Chieftains haven’t won any hardware yet. So best to keep those expectations fluid. But one thing’s for sure, these guys ‘got the jack’ to play with anyone in this League, both ends.


What do Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano have in common? Both favor steadfastness over prudence. In other words, they’re stubborn.

Resoluteness can be an admirable trait. Vince Lombardi and Bud Grant weren’t exactly agents for change in their day. ‘Set in their way’ would fit both HOF’ers to a T.

On the other hand, the branch that won’t bend (NFL-ese: re-assess) will break in two.

Like Newt (‘94), Cruz proved again that the simple, arrogant display of power, absent a sound, constructive purpose, is often an exercise in futility & pain. But it keeps the base happy.

Greg’s purpose is sound. He wants to win games. And I won’t fault him, nor Freeman, for their communication breakdown without knowing all the facts. But when you cheap-shot one of the game’s best (Eli) right outta’ the gate (W1-‘12) and “my way” results in a 13-game streak of futility, banking on your base (Glazer) won’t suffice…indefinitely.

Cherry Picks Week 9

Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) @ Miami Dolphins (3-4): 10-31 NFLN 8:30

Cats ridin’ high (4W>) after dismantling Jets (49-9) and face another trad’l foe in Fish who got fight (292T / 39-3d%), smarts (32-pen), run (Lam & Dan) but OL a sieve (32S) and QB suffers (shldr). If Tanny goes, OL hunkers, streaks stop and MIA gets a W.

San Diego Chargers (4-3) @ Washington Redskins (2-5): 11-3 CBS 1:00 (GOTW)

RG3 is “fine,” says Mike. That’s good, but get used to it (injury), Skins’ fans. Like Vick, Rob will never be pocket strong, as his up-tick in run shows, and continually put himself & team at higher risk in flight. That’s the long-view. Presently, Rob’s rhythmic, Morris motors but Chargers an up & comer, stick better (9D) than Skins and get a road win.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-0) @ Buffalo Bills (3-5): CBS 1:00

New America’s Team? Lots a’ good lines: Smith gets his shot, been a spell for KC, USA loves a streaker, who doesn’t like Andy and central locale. Jamaal (635y / 42R) & Derrick (56Tk / 4S) shine bright. Rival Bills w/nice wins vs BAL / MIA, but QB flux. KC goes 9-0 at bye.

Chicago Bears (4-3) @ Green Bay Packers (5-3): 11-4 ESPN 8:45 (Zzzzz!)

Pack / Vikes NFL’s top grudge match, this one history laden: Lambeau & Halas, Hinkle & Nagurski, Taylor & Sayers, Nitschke & Butkus, Urlacher & Favre. Bear hopes hinge on Forte, Hester, Briggs & Sporting Gods. Even IR‘d, Green Bay pushing #1 (46+ 3d%) and win away.

Steven Keys

NFL Hunch Line

Photo Credit: B. Karloff / “Bride of Frankenstein” / wc.cca / Universal / 1935

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