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Colangelo Just Tip of NBA Iceberg?

Posted By Steven Keys On Mar 3 2014 @ 1:48 pm In NBA | No Comments

What would you think is most troubling about Bryan Colangelo’s recent admission to a “tank(ing)” attempt in the 2011-12 NBA season (“Ex-Raptors GM” / 2-28 / SI.com – Dollinger)?

Maybe it’s that the surprising statement of the former Raptors’ General Manager shows a clear disregard for the fans and the game of basketball?

No, not that troubling? Okay.

You could take his disturbing dribble as proof NBA blue-bloods are so insulated, so above-it-all, so ethically challenged, so bored with sport while they practice their putting in wood-paneled, brass-handled ivory offices that they feel like Teflon® Dons, free to fiddle in basketball operations in any manner they see fit?

Still not bothered? Hmmm.

Okay, try this one on for size: The fact Colangelo fessed-up, apparently without any legal or Ass’n arm-twisting means he voluntarily exposed his dastardly deed and fears no serious consequences, no repercussions because the NBA doesn’t…really…care.

If that doesn’t move your meter you’re on the wrong page. Try the JUMBLE®.

What this “smirking” candor tells me is that the NBA club-set think so little of us fans that we don’t even warrant your run-a-the-mill cover-up to spare us the angst, as in, ‘what we don’t know won’t hurt us,’ or at very least, a pointed, public chastising of the spew.

The golf-course gab might’ve gone something like this:

We’re gonna’ let Bryan talk about it, most media will sit on their pens, our new point-man Adam Silver, like his predecessor, won’t be daft enough to give the story legs by publicly addressing the matter, a few silly-hearts who care will grumble but then it’s business as usual…is that my Titleist®?’

Colangelo’s shocker shows just how far the NBA’s fallen. Not necessarily plummeting revenue (they rake it in), but on what’s fast becoming a marginalized ethical standard.

A matter that’s akin to point-shaving / game-fixing (“tanking”) and presently gets short-shrift from anyone in a position to act and most who could widely inform.

The ill effects of this official indifference run deep, if the comment lines on Ass’n news postings are any good indication. Take a gander.

Fans are as flip about these Black-Ball scandal-stories (See Also: Tim Donaghy (’07)), as would appear the players, owners and many in the main-media. Evidently, NBA fans don’t expect all that much and, not surprisingly, the Ass’n is honoring that low expectancy.

At a time when Silver & Co. and the NBPA, should be looking for a new direction, a means to cultivate a fan base beyond dunk-contest devotees, these Captains are steering the ship of pro-basketball straight for an iceberg, maybe hoping that frozen chunk is home to millions of gamblers who might board the ship…before it sinks (?) (See; “Weekly Countdown: Stern Open to Legalized Betting” / Thomsen / SI.com / 12-11-09).

Possibly Colangelo acted on NBA ‘advice,’ sending-up a warning flare, of a sort. Yeah.

His freaky frankness could be part of a rehabilitative therapy he’s engaging, a cathartic release of pent-up frustrations. Might wanta’ check those credentials again, Bry.

It could even be some kind of strange résumé enhancer among his cufflink crowd. Not bloody likely, but then the view, the habits, can be quite different from the top.

The recently retired David Stern left some thorny items on Silver’s desk:

Youthenization (draft-age, gimmickry (3-pt (4-pt?), All-Star funk);

Corruption (PEDs, tank, fix & flop);

Continuity (Adidas uniform & logo flux);

Greed (ad-wear, pricing), and

Player (CBA (50%), cap, star-creation).

The new commissioner could take a lesson or two from the new Pope. Adam’s still in the Eden of his tenure but is either playing it ‘close to the vest’ while he gets his sea legs or is as progressively challenged as I suspect are most of his pressed & Polo(ed)® fraternity fellows.

I wish the new Captain good sailing. Just don’t forget about the many passengers on board the good ship ‘SS Peach-Bucket,’ Adam. Our future is in your hands.

Steven Keys

Straight Shooter

Photo Credit: B. Colangelo / wc.cca / chensiyuan / 11-23-09

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